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Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO Marvel set 76258 Captain America Building Figure, a box of 310 pieces that will be available on the official online store and in LEGO Stores from June 1st at the retail price of €37.99.

The articulated figurine is quickly assembled, no stickers and we get here some pad-printed elements such as the shield, the star which is placed on the character's chest as well as the face of Captain America and the two patterns placed on the sides of his mask . By being really indulgent, I think this figurine is a little more successful than the Wolverine one I was telling you about a few days ago.

Let's not get carried away, she also has her faults with four-fingered hands, a too pale face whose color is not fitting with that of the fingers and a facial expression which resembles that of a mini-doll from the range Friends. I would have preferred that Captain America sketch a real rictus, story that the face of the character is matched to the different dynamic poses that the figurine can adopt via its different points of articulation.

lego marvel 76258 captain america construction figure 4

lego marvel 76258 captain america construction figure 5

The figurine's head is still disappointing in its construction with a slightly strange shape, an obvious lack of volume at the neck and a connection ball that remains far too visible. This articulated doll of a little over 20cm high is obviously intended for children, but that is not a reason to limit the efforts so much on the aesthetic level.

It's almost a shame that the head is so sloppy, the rest being acceptable with a look rather consistent with the character's usual physique. the pretty shield can either be fixed on the left hand or on the back of Captain America via the pine planned, the solution is effective even if it will be necessary to resolve to always have one of the two pins clearly visible on the back of the hand or on the back.

In short, nothing to marvel at this figurine which will perhaps delight the youngest, it is in my opinion too expensive for what it is and the few minutes spent assembling it are not enough to donate for €38. I'm not worried, this type of set sooner or later ends up in destocking at a bargain price somewhere and those who want to get the pretty pad-printed shield can then afford this box for much less.

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