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Today we are quickly interested in the content of the set LEGO Marvel Avengers 76237 Sanctuary II: Endgame Battle, a small box of 322 pieces that went unnoticed on the occasion of its launch on October 1 at the public price of 39.99 €. LEGO had not offered copies of "review" and the internet had therefore not been inundated with tests of this product last October.

In short, I think we can immediately associate this product with the universe microfighters If we take into account the scale of Thanos' ship: The construction proposed here will only be truly believable in a diorama of the final battle of the film Avengers: Endgame with a (very) forced perspective. The 36cm wide by 18cm long ship assembly ships in minutes, including decals, and the end product is visually appealing. Despite a somewhat chibi further reinforced when Thanos is in charge and some approximations imposed by the chosen scale, the whole is in my opinion quite faithful to the reference design.

It is above all a toy for children and LEGO is therefore not stingy in Stud Shooters with six copies installed on the hull of the ship, a cockpit that can accommodate Thanos and a cargo bay accessible via the hatch placed at the back. No Chitauris to drop, the hold is only used to store the Infinity glove placed on its support, an element that should have been delivered in its version Dark Red to be truly in line with the context of the product. The ship is also very solid and the tail of the craft eventually almost takes the form of a handle that allows access to the various Stud Shooters at your fingertips.

The set is obviously a welcome extension to the reference 76192 Avengers Endgame: Final Battle (99.99 €) to which it will add some interesting playful possibilities, and the unique Chitauri of the other box can therefore end up in the hold of the vessel.

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On the side of the endowment in minifigs, LEGO allows us to obtain a new version of Captain Marvel which takes again the head that the character already shared with Princess Leia. The legs and arms are a little empty and it's a shame, there was not much missing for the figurine to be really successful. The hair of Chandler Bing, Tom Riddle, Cedric Diggory or even Bruce Wayne, delivered here in Tan, seems appropriate to me.

The Iron Man minifigure delivered in this box is identical to that of the sets 76192 Avengers Endgame: Final Battle et 76131 Avengers Compound Battle, hard to blame LEGO which is content to remain consistent with the context of the product. The character benefits from the two-part helmet, replaced in many sets by a unique item that will reappear in the LEGO Marvel set 76203 Iron Man Mech Armor from January 2022. The presence of Iron Man in this box was not essential if we consider it as an extension of the set 76192 Avengers Endgame: Final Battle. But not everyone has the means to accumulate sets and Iron Man is more attractive here than any secondary character.

Thanos reuses his usual helmet, which would have deserved a few pad printed patterns, placed on a new minifig from head to toe that I find rather successful. No alternate face, but this choice allows the minifigure to be used without his helmet. In this form, he logically appears smaller next to his ship than the usual large figure, but he is no longer on the scale of the other characters included. We cannot have everything and we will be satisfied with the very nice pad printing of the armor that LEGO offers us here.

76237 lego marvel avengers sanctuary II endgame battle 11

Should we really spend around forty euros for this ship and its three minifigs? Why not, especially if it is to please a young fan of the LEGO Marvel range who already has at least the set 76192 Avengers Endgame: Final Battle on hand and who could thus replay the final battle of the film Avengers: Endgame by having Thanos' ship at his disposal in addition to the Avengers headquarters.

This unpretentious product is aimed at a specific audience, children, and therefore should not be criticized for being just a simple, slightly minimalist toy. This was undoubtedly the desired goal and the possibility of grabbing the ship as a point weapon is a real plus. Minifig collectors who would like to afford the Thanos and Captain Marvel figures delivered in this box will have to do their calculations: the two figures are already exchanged for a little at least a dozen euros each on the secondary market. . Not sure retail buying is really profitable.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 1er December 2021 next at 23pm.

Update : The winner was drawn and was notified by email, his nickname is indicated below.

Erpak - Comment posted the 18/11/2021 at 9:49
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