lego sonic the hedgehog minifigures 2024

LEGO released a short teaser around the Sonic The Hedgehog universe on social networks and we discover on the banner which illustrates the video three of the minifigures expected in 2024 in the sets of the range: these are of Rouge the Bat, Knuckles and Shadow.

The latest rumors to date announce at least two boxes planned for January 2024 in which we should find these three characters, to be confirmed with an official announcement which should logically not take too long:

  • LEGO 76995 Shadow Lab Escape (196 pieces - 20.99 €)
  • LEGO 76996 Knuckles Mech Battle (276 pieces - 34.99 €)


40591 lego starwars death star ii gwp 2023 1

Today we take a quick look at the contents of the LEGO Star Wars set 40591 Death Star II, a small box of 287 pieces that will be offered on the official online store and in LEGO Stores from May 1 to 7, 2023 from 150 € of purchase in products from the LEGO Star Wars range. The inventory of the product allows, as indicated by the title of the set, to assemble a reproduction of the Death Star II about fifteen centimeters high to be displayed on the corner of a shelf.

No minifigs in this box, but we still get the pretty brick celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film Return of the Jedi. It's still taken even if this pad-printed brick is also delivered in several other sets marketed from May 1, 2023: the references  75356 Executor Super Star Destroyer75352 Emperor's Throne Room Diorama et 75353 Endor Speeder Chase Diorama.

For the rest, the assembly of the object will logically only take a few minutes with many identical sub-assemblies to be clipped around the central structure of the construction. LEGO promised us in the official product description the presence of a miniature replica of the throne room, it is there even if it remains very symbolic with Palpatine overlooking Darth Vader on one side and Luke Skywalker on the other. It takes a little imagination to see the characters in question in these little heaps of two pieces, but the wink is appreciable.

40591 lego starwars death star ii gwp 2023 5

40591 lego starwars death star ii gwp 2023 6

The Death Star II rests on a simple black base but of sufficient sobriety not to detract from the development of the construction while grayscale, the ray is embodied by a plant and a few very well chosen pieces and the greebs (details based on small parts) of surface are very convincing on the unfinished part of the ball. It was probably difficult to do better in terms of adjusting the different subsets to this scale, so we will forgive the few empty spaces here and there.

In my opinion, we get here a nice little display product that will not invade the living room or the room dedicated to LEGO activities and the presence of the anniversary brick really gives character to this micro-model. You will have to spend at least €150 on products from the LEGO Star Wars range to get this pretty box, which is always a little too big for what it contains, but we all know here that this minimum amount will be reached very quickly with prizes. relatively high audiences for some of the new releases expected to hit shelves on May 1, 2023.

I'll make the effort because this set is in my opinion a nice, neat and creative spin-off that I think is an acceptable reward. This is the product that manages this year to convince me to buy one or two sets at full price to get it, the rest will wait for more contained prices at Amazon, the doubling of VIP points offered elsewhere at LEGO not being not really likely to compete with the reduction percentages regularly practiced elsewhere.

Note: The product shown here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 5th May 2023 next at 23:59 p.m. Just post a comment under the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion. 

Update : The winner was drawn and notified by email, his nickname is indicated below.

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18/04/2023 - 00:45 Lego news New LEGO 2023 Rumors

lego dreamzzz teasers rumors 2023 1

The "sensation" of the day is the start of a teasing sequence for a new LEGO range currently known as "DREAMZzz". We don't know much about this new range of LEGO products, except that it is a new universe populated by more or less crazy portals, creatures and machines and that the manufacturer has planned at least ten of sets as well as some promotional products to launch this range of which young Mateo and Izzie will be the heroes according to the latest rumors.

You will find the provisional titles of these boxes at this address, and you can easily make the connection with the four teasers posted today on the manufacturer's Youtube channel by associating the names of the products with the different creatures and other vehicles seen in these mini-videos that I have grouped together for you in one sequence. This new "house" range is introduced via the Ninjago universe, no doubt to try to interest young fans who will also be the target of these new products and to create a kind of spin off commercial of the successful house license imagined by LEGO.

While waiting to learn more, the manufacturer has posted a page that displays a count before the announcement of this universe and its derivative products. Clicking on the cloudy "portal" on this page only serves to display the countdown, there is almost a month left before the official announcement. Probably a little less before the first visual leaks of the products concerned.

On the other hand, we do not know for the moment if this range will call for an overlay of interactivity in the manner of the defunct VIDIYO or Hidden Side universes. If so, it remains to be hoped that LEGO will have been able to learn from previous experiences in order to offer something functional that brings real added value to the experience offered.

lego dreamzzz teasers rumors 2023 landing page

lego avatr sets coming 2022 confirmed

It is during an interview concerning the products derived from the Avatar franchise that we finally obtain confirmation of information that has been feeding the usual channels for several months already: there will indeed be a range of LEGO derivative products based on the first two films of the Avatar franchise in 2022 .

Difficult to know more at this stage, the interview lists all the partnerships planned around the second part of the saga and, concerning LEGO, it is necessary to be satisfied with the declaration below which announces a series of sets based on the first film released in theaters in 2009 and on the new opus expected for December 14, 2022:

...The LEGO Group will also have a full suite of building sets to recreate and display major movie moments across both the first "Avatar" film and "Avatar 2." ...

From the side rumors currently circulating, we obtain four references with number of pieces and public prices, without having the assurance that these boxes which would be planned for the month of October 2022 are indeed the derivative products of the franchise announced in this interview.

  • LEGO 75571 (560 pieces - Retail price: €39.99)
  • LEGO 75572 (572 pieces - Retail price: €54.99)
  • LEGO 75573 (887 pieces - Retail price: €89.99)
  • LEGO 75574 (1212 pieces - Retail price: €139.99)
02/01/2022 - 10:18 Lego news New LEGO 2022 Rumors

lego creator vespa model coming 2022

The lifestyle visual is used by the Hungarian brand to illustrate the LEGO Creator set sheet 40518 High-Speed ​​Train and it leaves no room for doubt: the LEGO creator range will soon be enriched with at least one Vespa scooter in Creator format, potentially under the reference 40517 Vespa.

Rumors that have been circulating for several months also tell us an interpretation of the vehicle in Creator Expert / 18+ format possibly bearing the reference 10298, green in color and delivered with some accessories. The mini-model visible on the visual above would therefore not be the only representation of the Italian scooter scheduled for 2022. It will be necessary to wait for the first leaks or an official announcement to be fixed.

lego creator vespa model coming 2022 2