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21/06/2018 - 11:47 Lego news Lego harry potter

Set of 22 characters 71022 LEGO Harry Potter: It will be 60 bags per box

Today we are talking again about the series of collectible Harry Potter minifigs (ref. 71022), confirmed for a long time by many brands, with a detail that will interest all those who wish to get a box to be sure of obtaining the minus a full set of 22 characters.

The different signs that refer to the box in question (LEGO ref. 6213829) indicate that the latter contains 60 sachets as usual. The calculation is quickly done, each box will therefore only allow you to obtain two complete sets of 22 characters instead of three sets of 20 sachets usually. There will therefore be 16 duplicate (or triplicate) sachets left in each box.

The box of 60 sachets is already referenced at at amazon Italy, as well as at various online merchants (here  at 202.13 € the box or 3.37 the bag or leaves et leaves for example) which confirm (except referencing error) the presence of 60 sachets.

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