26/04/2011 - 13:59 Lego news
legoland nearCopMike currently offers several photo reports of scenes from Star Wars Miniland from LEGOLAND Park in Billund (In principle, these reconstructions are identical in all LEGOLAND parks on the planet).
The photos presented allow you to discover in detail the different machines and characters created for these giant dioramas.
Several of these scenes out of the seven offered to the public have been presented for the moment on Eurobricks by CopMike (LEGO Ambassador in his state), and I have grouped the photos in dedicated pages accessible from the right menu under the LEGOLAND logo.
Take a few moments to admire these unique creations, which, if they will make the most fundamentalist MOCeurs bitch, are still ultra-detailed given the scale and are intended to be contemplated from a certain distance during the visit of the park. .
Photos courtesy of CopMike (All rights reserved).

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