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Well, there is no staff actually.

There's myself, Will, 49, married, two kids, boxes of LEGOs, minifigs and books in every closet, my PC, and my hobby.

There's my 18-year-old son who gives me his opinion with his teenage gaze, and still prefers gaming consoles, Rainbow Six, VR, and Clash Royale.

There is my other son, 12, who sometimes tries to give me his opinion, who prefers Call of Duty, Minecraft or ARK to LEGOs, but still (a little) likes minifigs.

There is my wife, without whom none of this would have happened, may she be thanked for her patience and support. It takes a lot of patience to support someone who has a passion, it takes even more to support someone who is trying to share it.

There are my friends, who advise me, criticize me, help me, support me ....

There is you, the readers, who comment, emphasize, criticize, love, hate ...

No team of 10, no web agency, no intrusive sponsor, no editor, no gifts from LEGO, no complacency.

This site is open to all without any discrimination. I give my opinion on anything and everything as long as it concerns the products and the LEGO brand. These opinions are binding only on me, you are free to post yours there, on condition that you respect the most basic rules of politeness and good manners.

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