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lego fantastic tales of dragons book 2023

It is definitely the year of the dragon at LEGO with a book to be published, entitled LEGO Fantastic Tales of Dragons, which will allow you to discover the story of some mythical dragons over the course of 96 pages next November:

Discover legendary dragon tales from around the world and build your own LEGO® dragon!

When a curious young dragon questions his confidence, he is taken on a journey of discovery to learn all about his dragon ancestors who changed the world.

Use the included LEGO bricks to build your very own dragon, before reading the tales of Yinglong from China, the Wawel Dragon from Poland, Quetzalcoatl from Central America and Aido-Hwedo from West Africa.

Do not be influenced by the cover above: a bag of 85 pieces will be supplied with this book published by Buster Books but it will allow you to assemble only the colored mini-dragon visible at the very top of the visual and not the four others dragons presented below.

Pre-orders are open at Amazon:

Discount -17%
LEGO® Fantastic Tales of Dragons (with 85 LEGO bricks)

LEGO® Fantastic Tales of Dragons (with 85 LEGO bricks)

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