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I know that Fortnite is not the favorite game of many of you, but I still wanted to come back to the launch of the integrated LEGO Fortnite expansion to tell you about the llama whose assembly instructions were briefly available from Epic Games but which you can also download from my server at this address.

You have undoubtedly seen many videos showing you a big black box containing some goodies associated with the game. It is the publisher who sent this box a little late, to accompany the launch of the extension which seems really having found its audience judging by the number of players online since the launch.

In this box, the contents of which you can discover in the TikTok video below, we find in particular a "limited" edition of the famous llama in LEGO bricks, a figurine partially glued and inserted in an unsealed polycarbonate bell but numbered with 625 exemplary. My copy is numbered 430.


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You know that I don't keep anything that is sent to me and that everything is up for grabs. The rule applies once again but this time the play takes place on TikTok, a network where the public seems much more receptive to the idea of ​​winning this copy of the Fortnite llama than on my usual media where the announcement of the game left a large part of the readers or subscribers unmoved.

All this to tell you that if you wish to participate in the draw, you must go to this address (participation video below) and follow the instructions provided by Chloé. You have until January 5, 2023 at 23:59 p.m. to participate and the draw will take place live on January 6. If you have your habits on TikTok, all you have to do is participate and possibly consult the content that we offer on the platform, nothing to do with what you usually find here but there is something for everyone.

Otherwise, you can also create an account just for participation, the network in question will probably not steal more data from you than everything you have already provided free of charge for years to Instagram, Facebook, and company. If Fortnite isn't your cup of tea and/or you absolutely refuse to go on TikTok, you can return to normal activity and forget about this article.


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5008257 lego fortnite llama instructions

If you want to assemble your copy of the Fortnite llama offered under the reference 5008257 to a handful of journalists and influencers who attended the press conference launching the LEGO Fortnite video game, know that the instruction file for this little construction is now online in PDF format on Epic Games servers at this address.

The 3.7 MB file lists the inventory of 61 parts necessary for assembling the product as well as the different construction stages. Nothing very rare or unobtainable, those who want to get started should be able to do so without too much problem.

If by chance Epic Games deletes this file in the coming days or weeks, you will find a hosted copy of it on my server at this address.

07/12/2023 - 16:39 LEGO Video Games Lego news

lego fortnite launch december 2023

It's the big day for Fortnite and LEGO fans with the official availability of the integrated expansion LEGO Fortnite which allows you to play with minifigs in the Fortnite game universe in "mode"survival"on one side with enemies to face and in mode"Sandbox" on the other in the style of Minecraft with virtual construction until thirsty and without necessary recovery of resources but also with the possibility of deactivating certain parameters such as enemies, management of hunger, endurance, temperature, etc.

Note that you can get a few things from launch including the special outfit Emilie Cardi by linking your EPIC Games and LEGO accounts as well as the Passion Exploration Quest Pack which will require completing a few quests to unlock the outfit Tai Tracer promised. We are told that there will be no more than 1200 minifigs in the game in the long term, but nothing equivalent in plastic for the moment.

lego fortnite emilie cardi tai tracer

We also know that reference 5008257 entitled MS LLama seen in the LEGO product certification documents was offered during the presentation of the game to journalists, there is little chance of seeing it available to everyone for example in the form of a possible Insiders reward, but you never know .

lego fortnite

It's confirmed, there will indeed be LEGO in the Fortnite video game with today's announcement of...LEGO Fortnite, quite simply. It will be a game within a game, with the usual mechanics of LEGO games but with a Fortnite twist with survival and creation. The multiplayer mode will be present, for the rest you will have to wait for the official launch scheduled for December 7, 2023.

However, there is currently no official confirmation of the possible launch of certain sets or other LEGO derivative products based on the game, but I think that we can reasonably hope for at least a few promotional polybags including reference 5008257 entitled MS LLama in LEGO product certification documents.

You can already consult the page dedicated to the game on the LEGO site, it currently contains little concrete information but it should be updated as soon as the game is launched:


29/11/2023 - 19:44 LEGO Video Games New LEGO 2023

lego 2k drive games of the month plauystation plus

Good news for all those who have so far been unable to bring themselves to spend several dozen euros on the LEGO 2K Drive video game, the title is part of the selection of three games which will be available to those who are subscribers on Playstation Plus from December 5, 2023.

This is not the game of the year, knowing that it is not possible to use a steering wheel and that the game publisher has confirmed that it is not working on possible compatibility with the accessories available on the walk. Too bad for a game which still gives pride of place to driving, even if it is not a pure simulator.

In short, the game will be included in PS4 and PS5 version in the December offer, add it to your library before January 1, 2024 and it will be yours as long as you are a Playstation Plus subscriber. It's always a bargain, too bad for those who have no affinity with LEGO video games and who will find the December selection a little sad.