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lucas minifig.... Everyone of course. But let's not dream, this minifigure is not available. However this is not a montage made by a fan, but a unique minifigure presented during Star Wars Weekend in 2009.

An AFOL was able to obtain this minifigure, and if its intervention on this subject on various forums aroused some suspicion, the photos posted quickly removed the doubt (See this topic on FBTB).

This minifigure is also featured in the book LEGO Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary at the bottom right of the Chapter 4: Beyond The brick introductory page.

Many fans have risked representing Georges Lucas using elements from different sets marketed, with varying degrees of success, here are a few examples below:

custom lucas
It is therefore possible to recreate (or almost ...) this minifigure by purchasing a few separate elements on BrickLink:

The legs are available here in Sand Blue: Sand Blue Hips and Legs .

The torso is available here: Torso Studios Plaid Button Shirt Pattern (Werewolf before change) / Dark Blue Arms / Yellow Hands .

The hands in Light Flesh are available here: Light Flesh Hand .

The hair is available here in Light Bluish Gray: Headgear Hair Wavy .

The clapperboard is available here (from the 1349 LEGO Studios Steven Spielberg MovieMaker Set): Black Tile 2 x 2 with Scene 3 and White Stripes Pattern .

The head as presented on the visual is unique, it has never been mass produced, nor distributed in an official set.
Several heads can do the trick for lack of a better one, here are a few on Bricklink:

A version in Light Flesh with white pupils:Minifig, Head Beard with SW Gray Beard and Eyebrows, Lines under Eyes, Furrowed Brow, White Pupils Pattern .

A version in Light Flesh without white pupils: Minifig, Head Beard with SW Gray Beard and Eyebrows, Lines under Eyes, Furrowed Brow Pattern .

A version in Yellow: Minifig, Head Glasses with Gray Eyebrows, Beard and Mustache Pattern - In this case, you also need the hands in Yellow: Yellow hand .

There are dozens of versions of Light Flesh heads with beard and mustache collar on Bricklink, it's up to you to find the one that looks the most like you .....

In desperation, you can always seek to acquire a custom minifigure on eBay...

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