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auchan offer December 2023
Notice to cardholders Wow!!! : Auchan is offering today Saturday December 2, 2023 only a very interesting offer which allows you to obtain a 40% reduction on the LEGO universe in the form of a credit on the brand's loyalty card. To take advantage of the offer you must enter the code NOEL2 during the order.

For information, the map Wow!!! is a loyalty card from the Auchan brand to which you can subscribe for free online. With each transaction, you accumulate euros thanks to the discounts offered, which you can then spend in store or on the site.


new lego harry potter speed champions marvel sets march 2024

As expected, LEGO has listed on its official online store the new 2024 products in the Harry Potter, Speed ​​Champions and Marvel ranges unveiled last night, with the exception of the Marvel set 10792 Drill Spinner Vehicle, and we therefore obtain their respective public prices as well as confirmation of the marketing of these different products from March 1, 2024.

The increase in prices for products in the Speed ​​Champions range is therefore very effective, going from €24.99 to €26.99 for vehicles sold individually and from €44.99 to €49.99 for sets containing two vehicles.


lego marvel 76285 spider man mask 6

As one might assume, the LEGO Marvel set 76285 Spider-Man's Mask is now listed on the official online store and we obtain confirmation of the public price of this box of 487 pieces, which is set at €69.99.

The release of this product online by LEGO is also an opportunity to observe it from all angles thanks to the short 3D sequence below, just to check if the object is as successful as it looks on the most flattering visuals used by the manufacturer. As far as I am concerned, I am rather reassured, the overall shape of the 19 cm high construction seems very successful to me given the limited scale. I am less reassured by the pad-printed parts/stickers combination which risks giving us some slightly disappointing differences in color, to be checked.

This box is already up for pre-order on the Shop with delivery from January 1, 2024:


lego 40603 wintertime carriage ride 40604 christmas decor set gwp

Today we are very quickly interested in the content of the two small promotional sets currently offered subject to purchase on the LEGO online store as well as in the LEGO Stores: the references 40603 Wintertime Carriage Ride et 40604 Christmas Decor Set.

These two small boxes with a festive theme are automatically added to your order as soon as the minimum amount required is reached, namely €70 for the set. 40604 Christmas Decor Set and €150 for the set 40603 Wintertime Carriage Ride. The two offers are obviously cumulative.

The 153-piece carriage seems very well executed for a promotional product with limited inventory. It's elegant, detailed, solid and functional and you can easily install the three minifigs provided to make it wander the streets of a Winter village made up of a few boxes on the same theme.

The machine is pulled by a horse whose hitch pivots on the integrated front axle, this is useful for taking turns correctly. Note that the coachman does not have a whip, LEGO undoubtedly having wanted to avoid offending animal lovers or at least not to provoke unnecessary reactions around this product.

The three minifigs delivered in this box make good use of rather common elements, nothing very original at this level except the head of the young woman which bears a new reference, even if I think that the coachman would have deserved a torso dedicated to the place to be satisfied with that of the train driver or the lighthouse keeper. We can imagine a versatile retiree who combines seasonal jobs.

lego 40603 wintertime carriage ride 40604 christmas decor set gwp 4

lego 40603 wintertime carriage ride 40604 christmas decor set gwp 2

As for the three balls to hang on the branches of the tree, the constructions are identical right down to the exterior motifs and it is only the color of the object that changes. You can, however, display all your creativity by mixing the colored faces together to obtain something more colorful, it's up to you depending on what you put on the branches of your tree. The rings provided by LEGO are those already seen in several sets since 2022, they are perfectly suited to the use intended here.

The three balls are therefore well designed with the necessary solidity in mind to be able to handle and hang them easily without breaking everything. The inside of each of these balls may seem a little crude but that was undoubtedly the price to pay to make them real decorative elements that will withstand the end of year celebrations. It will also be easy to produce others if you have a suitable inventory.

Should we agree to pay a high price for a few boxes and reach the threshold of €150 which allows the two offers to be combined to obtain these two products presented as limited editions? It's up to everyone to see if the game is worth it and if these two little sets have a usefulness that will go beyond the end of their career at the bottom of a drawer.

If you're used to decorating your home with festive-themed LEGO products, I think the effort is worth it. If this is not the case and you do not plan to resell these two boxes to recoup the expense made on the official online store, you can skip it and find your favorite sets (excluding Shop exclusives) for much cheaper elsewhere.

Note: The products presented here, provided by LEGO, are as usual put into play. Deadline fixed at 11th December 2023 next at 23:59 p.m. Simply post a comment below the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion. Avoid “I’m participating” or “I’m trying my luck”, we suspect that this is the case.


Carrefour is currently offering an offer which allows you to obtain €15 in vouchers for every €50 spent on toys. The offer is limited to 10 installments, i.e. 500 € of purchase or more and to a promotional code of a maximum amount of 150 € per order and per customer.

Concerning LEGO products, this offer can be combined with the one currently valid on certain CITY and Friends references which allows you to obtain up to 25% reduction on a selection of LEGO products in the form of a credit on the loyalty card of the sign. There are still a few beautiful boxes to put under the tree among the hundred products covered by the offer, even if the stock is indicated as exhausted on many references.

For information, the Carrefour card is a brand loyalty card with which you can subscribe for free online. With each transaction you accumulate euros thanks to the discounts offered, which you can then spend in store or on the website.