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Today we take a quick tour of the content of the LEGO Star Wars set 75364 New Republic E-Wing vs. Shin Hati's Starfighter, a box of 1056 pieces which has been available since September 1 at the public price of €104.99.

This product inspired by the series Star Wars: Ahsoka currently being broadcast on the Disney + platform allows you to obtain two ships and a small handful of characters from the cast of the series. At the end of assembly, I had the impression that this box in fact brings together two products initially thought to be sold separately: the two ships offered are in fact not really on the scale of one of the The other one and the one piloted by Shin Hati is too big compared to the E-Wing piloted by Captain Porter.

The fact remains that these two constructions seem successful to me, they benefit from the overall reduction in scale initiated by LEGO over the past two years and they benefit from a very appreciable level of detail for a simple toy intended for of the youngest.

The E-Wing, which will bring back memories to anyone who has ever held a copy of the LEGO Star Wars set in their hands 75018 JEK-14's Stealth Starfighter, even has the luxury of having retractable landing gear in addition to being entitled to a nicely pad-printed canopy.

There are a few stickers to stick on the cabin and some of them are often printed on a background that is too white for the rooms on which they are placed but the number of stickers used to add a little finish to the together remains relatively reasonable.

The assembly of the E-Wing also reserves some interesting techniques, particularly at the nose of the aircraft with convincing angle management for a product which is not a pure exhibition model.

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lego starwars 75364 new republic ewing shin hati starfighter 14

As usual, both Stud Shooters imposed to bring playability to the product can be easily removed if you find them superfluous. The astromech droid that accompanies Porter is, as is often the case, on LEGO ships of this scale placed in the wrong direction, we will make do with it.

On the side of the ship piloted by Shin Hati, we change the scale but we also benefit from some appreciable refinements with a pretty pad-printed glass roof, two Stud Shooters easily removable and two easily accessible spaces to store the various accessories provided. The ship is rather faithful to the version seen on the screen and the few stickers to stick on the cabin reinforce the "used" side of the craft.

The two pilots are in a lying position in their respective cockpits to make the most of the space available under the canopies, nothing serious even if there was undoubtedly a way to allow them to be installed in a slightly more credible manner.

This box therefore allows you to obtain two ships seen on the screen in different scenes, it's always a good idea to combine them with other ships available elsewhere to reproduce some action scenes from the series, for example Ahsoka's ship from the set 75362 Ahsoka Tano's T-6 Jedi Shuttle.

The set's supply of minifigs is rather convincing with three major characters from the series: Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati and Morgan Elsbeth.

These three figurines have their faults but you will have to put up with them: Morgan Elsbeth has to make do with a black skirt without any pattern and it is a little disappointing with a "half-finished" rendering while the rest of the elements are very about. The hairstyle is perfect, the facial expressions are successful and the torso is beautifully executed.

For his part, Baylan Skoll could have benefited from a cape and pad-printed arms to really pay homage to the character's outfit on screen, as it stands it's a little too sober for my taste knowing that the hairstyle of the character in LEGO version is already very approximate. Shin Hati fares a little better but also suffers from the absence of patterns on the arms. I'm not a fan of the braid that ends up on the character's right shoulder, it's not really in the visual continuity of the chosen hair.

lego starwars 75364 new republic ewing shin hati starfighter 12

lego starwars 75364 new republic ewing shin hati starfighter 18

For the rest, we obtain here a pilot who logically reuses the outfit with a slightly too light blue and white areas on the not really white legs of Lieutenant Beyta seen in the set 75357 Ghost & Phantom II, and which benefits from both a pretty helmet with unique pad printing and additional hair which allows you to enjoy the two faces printed on the character's head. The astromech droid that accompanies Captain Porter is a new example of the problems encountered by LEGO in terms of pad printing, the blue printed on the dome of the robot does not match at all with the rest contrary to what the official visuals of the product promised .

However, we are not going to be too choosy, this box brings a little freshness to a range that often goes in circles and we will welcome the arrival of two new ships and completely new characters in our collections. There is no point in spending more than €100 on this derivative product, it has already been seen elsewhere than at LEGO for less and it will quickly be available again at a more attractive price than its usual public price. It's new, it's well executed, we feel the desire to offer constructions that make the most of the imposed scale and the set allows you to obtain a large part of the cast of the series in one go, I say yes .

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25/09/2023 - 10:45 Lego news

raw material

Remember, in June 2021, LEGO loudly asserted that it had succeeded in producing a brick based on recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and then indicated that this prototype offered a priori the level of quality and safety required by the manufacturer and that a one-liter bottle in RPET (for Recycled PET) would make it possible to produce around ten classic LEGO 2x4 bricks. It will not happen.

It's today via an interview given to the Financial Times that the CEO of the LEGO group, Niels B. Christiansen, confirms that the manufacturer is definitively abandoning this idea which could have seemed promising and this for a very specific reason: The use of RPET for the manufacture of LEGO bricks would imply a carbon footprint greater than that generated by the use of petroleum products to manufacture ABS plastic (2kg of petroleum to manufacture 1kg of ABS plastic).

Niels B. Christiansen confirms that the process of finding a new material for LEGO bricks initially seemed promising, but after testing hundreds of possible combinations, it was now clear: the "magic" material does not exist.

In all cases, RPET does not offer the same technical and mechanical properties as ABS and its use would imply the addition of additional components allowing it to achieve the level of quality and reliability required by LEGO at the price of a enormous energy expenditure linked to its manufacture and drying. And that's without mentioning the in-depth modification of the manufacturer's industrial tools necessary for its factories to be able to produce this new material. All of these findings have definitely discouraged LEGO from continuing down this path with a higher carbon footprint than current production.

lego recycled pet bricks 2030

The path mentioned is therefore now that of continuity, by retaining ABS plastic as the central material of production, and by gradually integrating a percentage of bio-materials and/or recycled materials. The group's CEO confirms that the amount of investments linked to research in sustainable development will be tripled by 2025 with an expected significant impact on the margins generated, knowing that LEGO will not be able to decently pass on all of these costs to the selling prices of its products.

LEGO will also have to use other levers to make its products more "sustainable" in the minds of consumers and it will then be a question of strengthening marketing around the possibility of transmitting, donating, reusing and recycling LEGO bricks already in use. traffic. THE LEGO Replay program, already active in the USA and Canada with an active recovery of unused bricks which are then donated to charitable structures, will arrive in Europe next year. LEGO also mentions the potential launch in the coming years of a commercial offer to take back unused bricks for its customers so that these elements can be reinjected into new sets.

lego offers 40600 disney 40594 insiders september 2023

As I told you yesterday, LEGO is bringing out of the closet from today and at best until September 30, two promotional sets already offered last July and August.

These two new promotional offers can obviously be combined with each other and the product concerned is automatically added to the basket as soon as the minimum amount required is reached. I'm not promoting the two boxes offered, you already know if they seem essential to you to the point of paying a high price for a few boxes, if you can skip these little sets without regret or if you prefer to buy them separately on the secondary market.

If you collect references titled "Houses of the World", you have undoubtedly already taken advantage of the previous offers which allowed you to obtain the sets 40583 Houses of the World 1 et 40590 Houses of the World 2, while waiting for the fourth and last box which will carry the reference 40599 Houses of the World 4. Those who have collected the entirety of this mini thematic collection will therefore have spent at least €1000 on the official store or in the LEGO Stores.

*40600 - Offer valid from €100 purchase of products from the Disney universe (excluding Star Wars & Marvel)
*40594 - Offer reserved for members of the LEGO Insiders program and valid without restriction of range


lego houses of the world collection 2023

lego dreamzzz official magazine September 2023

For those interested, know that the 1st issue of the official LEGO DREAMZzz magazine is now available on newsstands at the price of €6.99.

This new children's magazine uses the usual recipe used by the publisher Blue Ocean in many other LEGO universes with comics, posters, some games, advertising for LEGO products and an associated toy.

For this first issue, the bag of 18 pieces that accompanies the magazine allows you to obtain a minifig of Mateo and a micro version of the Z-Blob robot, the machine also being delivered in a more imposing format in the set 71454 Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot (237 pieces - 20.99 €) that I told you about a few days ago.

If your usual newsagent does not carry this new magazine, you can still obtain it via the platform but shipping costs are unfortunately very high.

lego cdiscount offer 10306 75341

The Cdiscount brand is now offering two new offers which allow you to treat yourself to two beautiful boxes at a rather attractive price compared to their usual public price or the prices charged by competing brands. For your information, the "comparison price" displayed by the brand on the sheet of each of these boxes is not fanciful, it is indeed the usual public price of these two sets:

These two offers are valid until September 24, 2023 subject to availability. Free express delivery for members Cdiscount at will.