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For once, we are quickly talking today about a LEGO figurine in BrickHeadz format, that of the LEGO Marvel set 40669 Iron Man MK5 with its 101 pieces, its availability announced for July 1, 2024 and its public price set at €9,99.

This is already the 244th figurine of its kind and the recipe seems to work quite well for LEGO because the manufacturer continues to build this collection with the same ardor over the years.

This is also the third appearance of Iron Man in this range after the reference 41590 Iron Man launched in 2017 followed by the reference 41604 Iron Man MK50 marketed in 2018. I will spare you the version seen in the pack bringing together Iron Man and Captain America in 2016, this is the set 41492 Ironman & Captain America then exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con which took place that same year.

This involves assembling Iron Man's Mark V armor as it appeared on screen in Iron Man 2 once taken out of his suitcase during the duel between Tony Stark and Whiplash on the Monaco circuit . We'll say that that's pretty much it, the format seriously limiting the possibilities for certain characters and it's sometimes only thanks to a few significant attributes that we really recognize the subject addressed.

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This is the case here and it is especially the pad-printed piece placed on the torso of the figurine which is responsible for allowing us to identify the version of the armor indicated on the box. For the rest, in my opinion it is too symbolic to be really convincing. In passing, we face the usual technical defects with, for example, the eyes of the figurines flanked by a layer of white that is not completely uniform.

LEGO could have provided us with a suitcase to clip into one of the character's hands in place of the included thrusters, this detail would undoubtedly have allowed us to assert a little more the version of the armor proposed here. I know that there are unconditional fans of this LEGO range, they will undoubtedly find what they are looking for, especially if they strive to accumulate all the Marvel-licensed figurines or more simply all the figurines in this format.

No sticker in this box, the few patterned pieces provided are therefore all pad printed. We will still welcome LEGO's maintenance of the public price of these boxes over the years, it is still €9,99, and the consistency in the design of these characters with always the classic pink brick which embodies the human brain which pass through the BrickHeadz mill.

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New promotional offer on Fnac.com with an immediate 20% reduction without conditions, no obligation to join or any prize pool on a relevant selection of LEGO products with 75 references affected by the proposed discount. To benefit from the discount, you must use the code LEGODAYS during checkout. The reduction is calculated on the usual public price of these products. The offer only applies to products sold and shipped by Fnac.com.


24/06/2024 - 00:21 Lego news New LEGO 2024 Shopping

40690 lego tribute jules verne books gwp 2024 6 2

LEGO had announced that the offer would be extended depending on available stock and this is clearly the case: the LEGO set 40690 Tribute to Jules Verne's Books is always free from 150 € of purchase without restriction of range on the official online store.

Until June 30, 2024, if there are any left by then, all customers of the Shop can therefore be offered this small set with an expansion of the offer which was initially reserved for members of the Insiders program.

I won't give you the full pitch for this little promotional set, go read my review if you would like to know more about this box of 351 pieces which pays homage to Jules Verne.


40690 lego tribute jules verne books gwp 2024 2 2

75394 lego starwars imperial star destroyer 1

Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO Star Wars set 75394 Imperial Star Destroyer, a box of 1555 pieces which will be available via the official online store as well as in LEGO Stores from August 1, 2024 at the public price of €169,99. This product is currently up for pre-order on the official store.

This box finally takes over from the set 75055 Imperial Star Destroyer marketed in 2014, it retains the good ideas, simplifies some finishes and improves the overall appearance of the vessel even if the object this year becomes a little more compact than the version 10 years ago with 48 cm long compared to 58 cm for that of 2014.

LEGO sticks to its dual-scale product concept with an exterior aesthetic convincing enough to allow the thing to be displayed and some internal spaces vaguely in scale with the supplied figures that make this product a rather well-designed playset that will appeal to young fans. Do not look for respect for proportions or the slightest detail in relation to the reference ship seen on the screen, this children's toy has no particular pretensions in this area.

We do not change a winning team, knowing that it is a bonus to the previous version of the same ship, and the internal structure remains solidly reinforced by a few Technic beams, we install a retractable carrying handle which will allow the ship to be moved without having to grasp it by the sides or by the gangway and we add the cabin elements which cover the interior layout which is still empty but spacious enough to install the figurines provided.

75394 lego starwars imperial star destroyer 2

75394 lego starwars imperial star destroyer 12

In terms of functionalities, we will remember the synchronization of the cannons whose orientation changes by pulling or pushing on the outgrowths placed at the rear of the central section of the ship and the two rather well integrated missile launchers which will allow you to shoot down X -wings to draw from those provided in various polybags or from LEGO Star Wars Advent calendars to have a semblance of a space battle on a coherent scale.

The bottom of the ship is flat, playset obliges, and the stability of the thing is therefore maximum. No various and varied refinements like landing gear or a simple support which would have allowed the ship to be stored in suspension between two fun sessions, it's a bit of a shame.

When the sides of the ship are deployed we obtain a large accessible space with some basic installations but ultimately sufficient to have a little fun. The finishing of the premises is more than approximate with beams and blue pines which then become clearly visible but I think that the youngest fans will not hold this against LEGO.

If the surface of the cabin of this Imperial Star Destroyer gains in finish compared to the 2014 version with a little less visible tenons but more relief, the ship loses this year in the level of detail of the reactors by only retaining the blue for the three largest elements and settling for gray rims for the rest.

It's a bit sad as it is, I preferred the finish of the version from 10 years ago on this point. The set obviously does not escape a large sheet of graphically well-executed stickers and the majority of these stickers end up inside the ship.

75394 lego starwars imperial star destroyer 17

The supply of minifigs is substantial and balanced here with seven characters, six of which are really in the theme: Darth Vader, Commander Nahdonnis Praji, an Imperial Gunner, An Imperial Crew Member, an Imperial Navy Trooper and a Stormtrooper. The selection is varied and consistent, we avoid duplication and that's all the better.

Collectors will be happy to be treated to a new clearly identified imperial officer, Praji, even if the character is here adorned with one of the most generic heads in the LEGO inventory. The torso saves the furniture with real attention to detail and all that's missing is a pair of boots on the figurine's slightly too neutral legs for it to be perfect.

The seventh figure, Cal Kestis, is off topic. It is here to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars range with its dedicated display to connect to the other supports delivered this year in a few sets. Video game fans Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order and its sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor will certainly be happy to finally be able to obtain a figurine of the young hero but the character undoubtedly deserved better than this fate as an anniversary minifig by benefiting from a real dedicated set.

Nothing says that this won't be the case one day, but we will have to make do with this minifig while waiting for these very popular video games to finally be entitled to real LEGO derivative products. The minifigure described as exclusive takes one of the many outfits worn by the character in the two opuses of the video game, it is well executed without being flamboyant.

It was time for LEGO to revisit the Star Destroyer, the last similar version of which dates from 10 years ago. Those who never decided to spend €700 on the UCS version of the set 75252 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer finally have here an opportunity to exhibit a model that is certainly less ambitious and detailed but sufficiently credible and which also offers some fun possibilities.

Personally, however, I prefer the version of the set 8099 Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer marketed in 2010, it ignores playability but it does the job as an exhibition product with a really small footprint.

Don't feel obliged to pre-order this product at full price today, there will be something for everyone on August 1st and this box will also, as usual, be quickly available for a little less at retailers. usual resellers like Amazon:

LEGO Star Wars Imperial-Class Star Destroyer - Buildable Starship for Kids, Includes Darth Vader and Cal Kestis Characters - Birthday Gift for Boys and Girls 75394

LEGO Star Wars Imperial-Class Star Destroyer - Buildable Ship for Kids, Includes Darth Vader and Cal Kestis Characters - Gift


Note: The product shown here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at July 2, 2024 next at 23:59 p.m. Simply post a comment below the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion. Avoid “I’m participating” or “I’m trying my luck”, we suspect that this is the case.

21/06/2024 - 18:24 Lego news New LEGO 2024

4000042 lego inside tour 2024 the vault memory lane 1

It's tradition, LEGO offers to all those who have spent almost 3000 euros to participate in the experience Inside Tour an exclusive, limited and numbered edition souvenir set which can either compensate for the impression of having paid a little expensive to visit the brand's facilities in Billund or be used to reimburse the expenses incurred by reselling it on the secondary market.

This year's exclusive set is therefore the reference 4000042 The Vault Memory Lanean unveiled box by one of the participants in a 2024 session which allows the assembly of a reproduction of the new “Vault” installed in the LEGO House in Billund, the safe which contains all of the products manufactured and marketed by the brand.

It is generally good practice among participants not to immediately resell the set obtained at the end of their stay, knowing that the product is generally adorned with a group photo of the session concerned on the back of the box. If you intend to buy a copy via eBay or Bricklink, you will have to be patient but sooner or later you will end up finding someone to sell it to you.

(With Jay's Brick Blog)

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