40606 lego spring fun vip add on pack 2023

The offer must have found its audience and LEGO therefore continues to expand its range of thematic polybags reserved for members of the VIP program with a new reference now online on the service that hosts official product instructions in digital format: the bag 40606 Spring Fun VIP Add-On Pack which will offer content on the theme of spring and outdoor activities.

This new polybag will soon join the four bags of parts already offered via promotional offers on the official online store, no doubt under the same conditions: from €50 of purchase without restriction of range:

new lego bricklink designer program 3 round boxes products

If you have an iPhone or iPad, LEGO has updated its dedicated app to the assembly instructions of its products by adding the five boxes from the third crowdfunding phase of the Bricklink Designer Program. We therefore discover the official packaging of these different sets all stamped 18+ with their respective boxes:

Nothing to say, it is once again visually very successful and those who participated in the financing of these different sets and who are waiting to receive their copy(s) should not be disappointed. For the others, it will eventually be necessary to go through the secondary market and the note may be really very high.

910002 lego bricklink designer program studgate train station 1

76251 lego marvel infinity saga star lord helmet

LEGO today unveils a new benchmark in its range of helmets / masks with the LEGO Marvel set 76251 Star-Lord's Helmet, a box of 602 pieces which will be available from April 1, 2023 at the public price of 79.99 € and which is already in pre-order on the official store.

Everyone will have an opinion on the object, I find it a bit strange on my side with this fruit basket effect without the character's hair to close the upper part...

40585 lego gwp world of wonders

Notice to all those who like to exchange their VIP points for some promotional products: LEGO is offering to exchange 2700 VIP points, or approximately €18 in exchange value, for a copy of the limited edition set. 40585 World of Wonders. This small box of 382 pieces valued by LEGO at €19.99 allows you to assemble four micro-things representing the Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Parthenon and La Khazneh de Petra.

Another reward available in exchange for a handful of points: the set 40584 Birthday Diorama which can be obtained in exchange for 2100 VIP points, or around €14 in exchange value. This box of 157 pieces valued by LEGO at 12.99 € allows, as its name suggests, to assemble a small staging on the theme of a birthday.

To take advantage of these offers, you must therefore redeem the quantities of points requested, you then obtain two promotional codes to use on future orders and the product concerned will then be added to your basket. The code obtained is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. Only one code for a physical promotional product usable per order, it will therefore be necessary to place two separate orders to obtain the two promotional products offered.


40584 lego gwp birthday diorama vip

new lego vip rewards 40584 40585

new lego sets shop february 2023

A little respite never hurts, these are just a few boxes that are launched at the beginning of February with a pretty wooden cabin, two bouquets of plastic flowers, a few cubic figurines and a bird in its nest.

As usual, it's up to you to see whether to crack without waiting by paying the full price for these boxes or whether to show a little patience and wait for the inevitable reductions that will be offered in the boxes. weeks and months to come at Amazonon FNAC.com and at a few other resellers.


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