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In addition to the few LEGO Marvel novelties added to the official online store, the manufacturer is also listing three DC-licensed sets scheduled for August 1, 2023 with Batman, Batman and even Batman, the Joker in all sauces, two Batmobiles and a Batwing . One cannot say that LEGO is original, it only relies on the usual chestnut trees of the license:

Note that the set 76224 Batmobile: Batman vs. The Joker Chase is already available for pre-order from both LEGO and Amazon:

LEGO 76224 DC The Batmobile: Pursuit Between Batman and The Joker, 1989 Batmobile Car Toy and 2 Minifigures, Model Kit with Batarang, Superhero Gift Idea for Kids, Boys and Girls

LEGO 76224 DC The Batmobile: Pursuit Between Batman and The Joker, 1989 Batmobile Car Toy and 2 Minifigures, Model Kit with Batarang, Idea of ​​C

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76265 lego dc batwing batman vs the joker

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Today we discover the official visuals of the LEGO DC set 76224 Batmobile Batman vs. The Joker, a box of 438 pieces which will allow you to obtain, as the title of the product indicates, from August 1st, a Batmobile and two minifigs: Batman and the Joker.

While waiting for this set to be put online on the official online store, an Australian LEGO Certified Store is selling the wick for this time, you will find the product sheet with its official description in English at this address.

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LEGO unveils the DC set today 76252 Batcave Shadow Box, a box of 3981 pieces freely inspired by the film Batman Returns (1992) and which will be available in VIP preview from June 5, 2023 before global availability announced for June 8. Public price of this derivative product: €399.99.

It should be noted that this exhibition Batcave with its interior visible through the logo cut into its front face measures 51 cm long by 29 cm high and 15 cm deep, that it allows you to obtain the minifigs of Batman, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Alfred Pennyworth, The Penguin and Max Shreck, that it provides a "classic" Batman outfit with its fabric cape and that it integrates a Batmobile as well as several light bricks and other dials to take advantage of the integrated functions.


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lego batman magazine may 2023 batman minifigure

Also on newsstands now: the May 2023 issue of the official LEGO Batman magazine which is as expected accompanied by a minifig of...Batman with his super jet of a few parts.

In the pages of this magazine sold for 6.99 €, we discover the figurine that will accompany the next issue to be published on June 16, 2023: it is the Joker, a minifig which is obviously neither new nor exclusive since it is from the one already seen in the LEGO DC Comics set 76188 Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile marketed in 2021 and since removed from the LEGO supply. However, it is good news for those who missed this box.

For those who are interested, I remind you that the instructions for the various mini-models delivered with the magazines published by Blue Ocean are available in PDF format. on the publisher's website. Simply enter the code on the back of the bag to obtain the file, 212326 for assembly instructions for the Batcycle delivered with this number.

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lego marvel dc comics new sets june 2023

Four novelties from the LEGO Super Heroes universe are now online on the official store with availability announced for June 1, 2023: three Marvel-licensed boxes with two minifigures to assemble and a small set with two motorbikes and a single licensed minifigure DC that will assemble Batman. Him again.

It's probably not the best batch ever announced in these two ranges, but children may find something to their liking.

Note: all the other news for June 2023 are online at Pricevortex, some of them are already referenced by Amazon.