lego animal crossing japanese packaging version

Notice to the most complete collectors among you, the LEGO Animal Crossing range will be available in a version localized in Japan with packaging specific to this region where the game bears the name Doubutsu No Mori.

These products should quickly be available via the secondary market but you will probably have to pay a large sum to bring them to France via a reshipment service. We will remember that LEGO is making the effort even on the promotional polybag which will be offered to Japanese customers who pre-order these products.

No pre-order in France where the “classic” version of these boxes will be available from March 1, 2024:

lego animal crossing new sets march 2024

Last October, LEGO officially unveiled the five officially licensed Animal Crossing products which will be available on shelves from March 1, 2024. The manufacturer then simply revealed the contents of these boxes but did not offer visuals of the associated packaging. This is the sign Smyths toys which finally allows us today to discover the visuals of the different boxes in the range, and it's quite successful.

We could consider that the box is only an accessory element of LEGO products, but we all know here that it plays an essential role in the relationship we have with these sets which ultimately only contain loose bricks arranged in boxes. sachets, knowing that many collectors may never see what these packages contain and will simply be content to admire the work of the graphic designers.

LEGO does not offer pre-orders for these five derivative products, you will have to patiently wait until March 1, 2024 to get cracking:

77050 lego animal crossing nook cranny rosie house

77048 lego animal crossing kappn island boat tour

30662 lego animal crossing maple pumpkin garden

It's a tradition at LEGO, each range or universe benefits from one or more small promotional bags and the year 2024 will be no exception to the rule with more than twenty polybags for which we at least already know the reference.

Several of them have already been revealed by resellers including the German brand JB Spielwaren who already offer them for pre-order and some of these bags will undoubtedly be offered by LEGO or its partners to ensure the promotion of the ranges concerned when they arrive on the shelves.

The list below is in principle up to date with the information available at the moment, do not hesitate to indicate in the comments if you have visuals or additional information, I will complete it.

  • 30658 LEGO Friends Mobile Music Trailer (56 pieces)
  • 30659 LEGO Friends Flower Garden (64 pieces)
  • 30660 LEGO DREAMZzz
  • 30661 Lego disney Asha's Welcome Booth (46 pieces)
  • 30662 LEGO Animal Crossing Maple's Pumpkin Garden (29 pieces)
  • 30663 LEGO CITY Space Hoverbike (46 pieces)
  • 30664 LEGO CITY Police Off-Road Buggy Car (35 pieces)
  • 30665 LEGO CITY
  • 30666 Lego creator  Gift Animals (75 pieces)
  • 30667 LEGO Creator Animal Birthday Party (72 pieces)
  • 30668 LEGO Creator Easter Bunny with Colorful Eggs
  • 30669 LEGO Creator Iconic Red Plane (51 pieces)
  • 30670 LEGO Creator Santa's Sleigh Ride
  • 30671 Lego disney Aurora's Forest Playground (60 pieces)
  • 30672 Lego minecraft Steve and Baby Panda (35 pieces)
  • 30673 LEGO DUPLO My First Duck (7 pieces)
  • 30674 LEGO Ninjago Zane's Dragon Power Vehicles (55 pieces)
  • 30675 LEGO Ninjago
  • 30676 LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog Kiki's Coconut Attack (42 pieces)
  • 30677 Lego harry potter Draco in the Forbidden Forest (33 pieces)
  • 30678 LEGOs
  • 30679 Lego marvel Venom Street Bike (53 pieces)
  • 30680 LEGO Star Wars AAT (75 pieces)
  • 30682 LEGO Technic NASA Mars Rover Perseverance (83 pieces)
  • 30683 LEGO Speed ​​Champions
  • 30685 LEGO Star Wars

30663 lego city space hoverbike

30677 lego harry potter draco forbidden forest 1


lego animal crossing 2024 minifigures

It's never too early to promote a new LEGO range and the manufacturer has put the five Animal Crossing licensed sets online on its official store which will be available from March 1, 2024:

For those who only want to keep the minifigs provided, they will have Julian, Bunnie, Marshal, Kappa, Isabelle, Fauna, Tom Nook and Rosie on hand.

According to LEGO, these five boxes have been designed to be easily combined with each other and offer a high level of customization. For example, it will be possible to swap different sections between constructions with a simple click, all of which is of course at the service of the creativity of fans who will therefore be able to organize their diorama according to their tastes and desires.


77050 lego animal crossing nook cranny rosie house

lego animal crossing 2024 layout

lego animal crossing 2024

We knew that the license was in the pipeline at LEGO via various rumors, it is now confirmed: The Animal Crossing universe is coming soon to LEGO in the form of sets from the partnership with Nintendo. We simply know that these boxes should carry the references 77046 to 77050 with public prices ranging between €14.99 and €74.99.

The short teaser below confirms that these different products will feature classic minifigs with a look somewhat reminiscent of the Fabuland range marketed in the 80s as well as environments to build, for the rest we will have to wait for an official announcement of these different boxes to find out more about the contents of this new range.