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Welcome to the LEGO Classifieds area of ​​the site.

Below, you will find all the offers offered by different sellers.

The search engine allows you to quickly see if someone is selling the product you are looking for and to locate the advertisers closest to you for possible personal delivery.

The usual recommendations for classifieds also apply here: We do not pay by transfer if we have the slightest doubt about what will happen next, we do not send payment in "Sending money to a loved one" if we want to be able to turn to Paypal in the event of a problem, we do not fall into the trap of a too tempting offer to be credible, we discuss with the seller to confirm that he has the product in his hands, in short, we remain cautious to avoid getting tricked.

I can only quickly check the consistency of the ads posted, I obviously do not validate obvious scams as long as it is frankly obvious and it is up to you to do the rest.

For those who are wondering: this service is completely free for sellers and buyers. There is no listing fee and no commission on transactions between seller and buyer. I do not host any payment system and I do not mediate between the two parties.

If you have one or more LEGO sets for sale, you can put your ad online for free and with a few clicks:


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