40610 winter fun vip add on pack polybag gwp 2023 1

Notice to collectors of thematic bags regularly offered by LEGO to members of the Insiders program, there will be a new reference at the end of the year and the contents of this polybag of 142 pieces will obviously consist of pieces around winter and associated activities .

We currently only have the two visuals present here, posted online by LEGO on its official store in Singapore et in Malaysia, and the white house used to highlight the inventory of the product is not provided in the bag which bears the reference 40610 and whose title should be of the type 40610 Winter Fun VIP Add-On Pack if we judge by the nomenclature of the existing polybags in this collection:

As you can imagine, the conditions for being offered this polybag at the end of the year or the beginning of 2024 will probably be identical to those already in force during past offers, namely being a member of the LEGO insiders program and spending at least €50 without restriction of the range on the official online store or in a LEGO Store.

40610 winter fun vip add on pack polybag gwp 2023 2

30646 lego disney moanan dolphin cove polybag gwp

If you have a LEGO Store near you, know that you can get a LEGO Disney polybag there. 30646 Moana's Dolphin Cove (La Baie du Dauphin de Vaiana), without having to buy anything on August 23 and 24, 2023 from 14 p.m. to 00 p.m.

As usual with this type of animation without obligation to purchase, expect to find people in front of the window of the Store before the launch of the operation. The offer is limited to one polybag of 47 buildable pieces per person and it will be on a first come, first served basis. Do not push or trample children.

Don't hesitate to make sure that your favorite LEGO Store is participating in the operation by checking at this address. According to the space dedicated to LEGO shops on the official website, this offer will in principle not be available in Certified Stores managed by Percassi.

lego shop offer polybags july 2023

New promotional offer on the LEGO Shop with the possibility of obtaining a LEGO Speed ​​Champions polybag 30343 McLaren Elva or LEGO Friends 30417 Garden Flower and Butterfly from 40 € of purchase without restriction of range.

For the selected bag to be added to the basket, you must enter the corresponding promotional code before validating the order: MCE1 for the Speed ​​Champions pouch or GFB2 for the Friends bag.

Not enough to get up at night with this new offer valid until August 6, 2023, but it's still taken and it can be combined with other promotional offers currently in progress.


minifigure maddness offers july 2023

If you like to buy your minifigs in complete boxes to obtain several series without getting too tired or acquire your polybags in batches instead of buying them individually, here are some offers at Minifigure Maddness that could possibly interest you:

  • La box of 30 polybags at 104.99 € with the code HOTH188
    (references concerned 30652, 30435, 30651, 30639, 30590, 30509, 30642, 30641, 30638, 30565, 30588, 30510, 30584, 30580 and 30643)
  • 2 x boxes of 36 sachets 71038 Disney 100th Anniversary Series at 278.99 €
    using code HOTH190
  • 2 x boxes of 36 bags 71037 Collectible Minifigures Series 24 at 289.99 €
    using code HOTH192
  • 2 x boxes of 36 bags 71034 Collectible Minifigures Series 23 at 249.99 €
    using code HOTH194
  • 2 x boxes of 36 bags 71032 Collectible Minifigures Series 22 at 259.99 €
    using code HOTH196

Please note that the rates charged are no longer those offered during the various pre-order periods and which were much more advantageous. When these products are out of stock everywhere or permanently withdrawn from the LEGO offer, prices go up to those who still have stock. It's up to you.


30653 lego dc batman 1992 polybag

We knew that a DC-licensed LEGO polybag was planned for this year, but we had to wait until today to get the official visuals of this bag and no longer settle for the leaks available on the usual networks.

On the menu of this polybag of 40 pieces bearing the reference 30653 Batman 1992, a minifig of...Batman in version Batman Returns with its molded cape and enough to assemble a roof cornice with its gargoyle based on the construction already seen in the sets 76139 1989 Batmobile et 76161 1989 Bat Wing to expand the display that hosts the minifigs.

This sachet will be available at the price of 3.39 € at JB Spielwaren as of June 5, 2023, we do not yet know if LEGO has planned to integrate it into a future promotional offer around the license.

30653 lego dc batman 1992 polybag 2