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Today we take a very quick tour of the content of the LEGO Marvel set 76249 Venomized Groot, a box of 630 pieces sold since August 1 at the public price of €52.99 on the official store and in the LEGO Stores.

To put this product in context, know that it is inspired by the third season of the animated series Marvel's Spider-ManEntitled Maximum Venom and broadcast in particular on the Disney + platform and not from the series of animated short films entitled I am Big also available on the Disney + platform as I have sometimes read. The character in question here is therefore a “venomized” version of Groot, the reference visual of which you will find below:

venomized groot marvel spiderman maximum venom

If you have the construction of the LEGO Marvel set on hand 76217 I am Groot (476 pieces - €49.99), you will undoubtedly find something to fill your shelves a little more with this new figurine, perfectly in line with the one marketed since summer 2022. The two figurines are in fact identical in their construction and there is no only the “venomization” of the 2023 version to bring some logical aesthetic variations.

It's visually a little messy in places, the head is a little fragile even if the figurine is stable on its supports, we don't escape the usual Ball Seals gray which stand out at the joints and there is a relatively large sheet of stickers associated with the inventory provided. There are still a few pad-printed parts in the box with the character's single eye and the row of teeth a little less white in real life than on the official product visuals.

Bonus delivered directly in the box: the possibility of completely "venomizing" the character using the last bag which includes the black and white parts necessary for the ultimate transformation of the figurine. It's a good idea even if this possibility obviously encourages you to purchase a second copy of the product to be able to have both versions at the same time and display the three figurines side by side to obtain a coherent whole. You will then be left with a large handful of unused coins as a bonus.

lego marvel 76249 venomized groot 5

lego marvel 76249 venomized groot 4

Please note, the total transformation of Groot into Venom is not documented in the instruction booklet in paper version and you will absolutely have to use the LEGO Builder application (iOS version ou android version) dedicated to instructions in digital format. It's a bit petty, all it took was a few additional pages like the sets in the LEGO DREAMZzz range to be able to take advantage of all the possibilities of the product without having to use a smartphone or tablet.

There is no point in dwelling on the subject, it's almost cute, the partial "venomization" is rather well executed and the figurine can possibly take some interesting poses.

Displayed alone, it will not have as much effect as in the company of the two other existing versions, but LEGO has followed through on the ideas and absolute fans of the character will inevitably find what they are looking for. You must therefore consider paying the modest sum of €155.97 to be able to have the collection bringing together the three variants of the character, this is the (high) price to pay to follow LEGO in its logic and impress your friends.

venomized groot lego alternate version

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Akiragreen - Comment posted the 29/09/2023 at 10:30
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