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Nothing looks more like a display case designed to proudly stack minifigures in it than another display case. There are therefore many proposals on the market with more or less deep models, with a more or less accomplished finish and at more or less high prices. The sign DIGS for FIGS Kindly offered to send me a copy of their unique model currently on sale and I therefore suggest you take a quick tour of this showcase sold at the price of 115.98 € to which you must add 23.20 € for postage and then pray to avoid customs fees (around thirty euros), shipping is from the United Kingdom.

That being said and knowing that there are still a few LEGO fans who don't count when it comes to finding a showcase for their precious minifigs, is this showcase really worth the asking price?

The packaging is well thought out, the object is delivered with its front face dismantled in a box well stocked with various and varied protections. The plexiglass is protected by plastic film, scratches are avoided and the probability of receiving a showcase in good condition is therefore maximum. I'm a little less convinced by the necessary assembly phase of the front door on the frame: you have to install two hinges using four screws and these two elements are not painted white. The two hinges will no longer be really visible since they are then visually hidden by the edge of the front face, but you will have to remember to choose the direction of installation of the display case on the chosen wall so as not to see them anymore when passing in front of it. The direction of the door is defined quite simply by turning the window over 180 °.

Inside, there is room, a lot of room. DIGS for FIGS has chosen to ignore the bricks that we usually find glued or screwed inside the products offered by other brands and this showcase incorporates real shelves. The manufacturer supplies 56 white plates in 6x8 and each row can accommodate 8 plates for a total available width of 64 studs by 6 studs deep. The height available on each floor of the display case is 6.5cm, which allows the display of the largest minifigs.

The plates provided are official LEGO products and therefore these white plates are not really white. The cream tone contrasts a little with the immaculate white of the window frame, it will have to be done with. Another slightly annoying detail, the interior of the chassis is not perfectly calibrated to accommodate the 8 plates lengthwise and the last one goes up a bit on one side in some rows. Remember to fix the display case to the wall before installing the plates, they slide easily on the smooth support.

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digsforfigs minifig display frame white 8

No door closing latch, it's a bit of a shame because the basic hinges provided are very smooth and there is no closing catch. Be careful not to hang the edge of the door if the display case is installed in a somewhat narrow corridor or on a passage point. The finish of the whole is generally satisfactory from the front, the back of the product is a little more basic with visible staples to fix the bottom. Four hooks are pre-installed to allow the hanging of this 5kg display case (empty) on the wall, in both directions depending on your choice for opening the door. The display case must imperatively be installed on a wall, it will not stand up if it is simply placed on a shelf due to the overhang of the front face.

The showcase is not "waterproof" either, the door does not completely fit on the edges of the frame and sooner or later dust will invade the premises. It will also be impossible to customize the background, as the back panel is not designed to be removed and then reinstalled. The sign specifies that we can install up to 200 minifigs in this display case, but this is including the possibility of putting them in two rows. In fact, it will be more reasonable to be able to hope to present 16 minifigs without excessively bulky accessories per row on the 7 rows available, ie 112 minifigs. On the other hand, the significant depth of the display case allows for some fantasy if you want to personalize the back of your rows of minifigs with a wall or any other decoration.

In short, this product is rather well designed except for a few details, its overall finish is more than acceptable and we get enough to install more than a hundred minifigs without having to pile them too much or try to make them fit on two tenons with parts that sometimes come off. The very sober design of this showcase, also available in black, also allows it to be forgotten and to integrate into any interior. DIGS for FIGS do not hide it, this is not a product made in an artisanal way. These showcases are produced in small series in China and their selling price has recently increased to compensate for production and transport costs which have become prohibitive over the past two years.

The price charged here is obviously not comparable with the cost price of a "homemade" display case made from a RIBBA frame, but it is the price to pay to obtain a spacious and ready-to-use display case. Note that the brand also offers the display case without the 56 LEGO plates by using the code NOBASEPLATES in the basket. The window then goes to 87 € excluding shipping costs which is immediately more reasonable.


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Note: The product shown here, provided by DIGS for FIGS, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 27th November 2021 next at 23pm. The minifigs installed in the display case are not provided. Don't overdo it.

Update : The winner was drawn and was notified by email, his nickname is indicated below.

Olivier Scourneau - Comment posted the 15/11/2021 at 15:54
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