05/10/2011 - 18:13 Lego news

cody promo

In the series "The promotions are only for Americans, English and not for us French ....", I just came across this offer dating from 2009 and for which all you had to do was fill out a coupon at Toys R Us to participate in a raffle to win one of the 32 limited-edition Commander Cody maxi-minifigures ( including 12 copies for Great Britain) ....

This 30cm high by 18cm wide minifigure built entirely from LEGO parts was numbered and offered with a certificate of authenticity. This operation was launched to celebrate the start of the animated series Clone Wars (which had yet been officially launched in 2008 ...).

In short, another promotion that we had not benefited from and it is high time that LEGO made a little case of AFOLs and other LEGO fans in France ...

Perhaps it would be time to coordinate the efforts of all the players a little more to remind LEGO that France is an active market, even if it is negligible on a global scale .... After all, I'm getting involved probably what does not concern me ...

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