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21/05/2011 - 23:20 Lego news
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We continue with the first reviews of Star Wars novelties, and it's tomo from the Imperium der Steine ​​forum which dissects the set 7964 Republic Frigate.
Concerning the frigate itself, few surprises, we still find many similarities with the Republic Cruiser from set 7665 released in 2007.
In view of the first photos, this Republic Frigate is even a little "too much": Too many different colors, details in spades but it is difficult to distinguish the dozens of cannons, turrets, radars scattered here and there and finally the he machine lacks a bit of homogeneity for my taste.
The good surprise of this set: The 5 minifigs namely Yoda, Quinlan Vos, Eeth Koth, Commander Wolffe and a Wolf Pack Clone Trooper. The two "Indians" are quite successful and will appeal to fans of the Clone Wars series. For the others, they will find their place in a diorama on the Wild West without problem ....
Commander Wolffe is THE minifigure of this set, with a very worked face.
We will also note the presence of a Trans Light Blue brick with a hologram of the Emperor (a priori but this poses a problem of chronology) and a lightsaber of a new green.
In short, I'll let you make up your own mind by going to this page: Review 7964 Republic Frigate.
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