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It's March 1, 2022 and LEGO is selling a very large handful of new sets on its official online store starting today. As usual, you will find the complete summary of these new features below.

As with every new LEGO product launch, it's up to you whether to jump right in and pay full price for these boxes or whether to show a little patience and wait for the inevitable discounts that come with them. will be offered in the weeks and months to come at Amazonon and at a few other resellers.

An important detail: the offer that will allow you to obtain the LEGO set 40530 Jane Goodall Tribute offered from 120 € of purchase without restriction of range only starts on March 3, 2022. It's up to you.


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For the road, here are some official visuals of the products whose official launch is scheduled for March 1, 2022 which have been posted online by the German brand JB Spielwaren. Until now, you had to be content with the pages of the official catalog for the first half of 2022 which briefly presented these different sets, you can now get a more precise idea of ​​the contents of these boxes, their functionalities or their alternative constructions with the photos. below.
These products are not yet online on the official online store, but they should be soon, the resellers having undoubtedly respected the embargo date on their referencing and the possible pre-orders.


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It's January 1, 2022, and as of today, LEGO is launching a handful of new sets on its official online store. There is something for all budgets and for all fan profiles with new references in almost all of the ranges currently marketed by the manufacturer.

As usual, it's up to you to see whether to crack without waiting by paying the full price for these boxes or whether to show a little patience and wait for the inevitable reductions that will be offered in the boxes. weeks and months to come at Amazon, on and at a few other resellers. The debate does not arise for the exclusives, at least temporary, of the Shop with the Modular 2022 10297 Boutique Hotel and the LEGO Ideas set 21331 Sonic The Hedghog - Green Hill Zone.


(All links to the shop redirect to the version of the official shop for your country of connection)

Below is the list of sets, classified by universe, which are therefore now available for sale on the official online store:

71761 lego ninjago zane power up mech evo 4 1

We are finishing the cycle of reviews of the 2022 novelties of the LEGO Ninjago range, in any case the references that LEGO has kindly sent, with the set 71761 Zane's Power-Up-Mech EVO. 95 pieces in the box, two minifigs and a public price set at 9.99 €, this little set probably does not deserve that we spend hours on it. It is a question here of assembling a mech for Zane, the young ninja being faced with one of the enemies of this "timeless" wave planned for the first half of 2022.

The mech to build here is similar to Kai's delivered in the set 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple, it makes use of the new fixed part which symbolizes the joints on different models. The Ball Seals integrated on the hips, shoulders, hands and feet still allow some interesting poses and this product is probably the ideal complement to boxes with more substantial content. Once the point of balance is found in focntion of the orientation of the torso and the arms, the mech remains very stable on its legs and does not tip over. This is undoubtedly a detail, but this is not the case with all the LEGO mini-mechs marketed so far.

The title of the product takes the mention EVO, seen on other boxes of this first wave 2022, with the promise of a progression in the dressing of the mech which would pass from the simple "companion" stage of Zane to that of weapon ultimate in the service of the young ninja. As I said before, this concept is a bit artificial, the mech appearing a bit gaunt without all the decorative attributes provided, in this case the few golden pieces provided and the belly plate.

No stickers in this small box, all patterned elements are pad printed. The pretty collectible banner is only available in this box, the other seven are distributed among the different products of the range. The big Shuriken in trans blue is identical to the one seen in 2019 in the set 70673 Shuricopter.

71761 lego ninjago zane power up mech evo 1 1

71761 lego ninjago zane power up mech evo 6

Two minifigs are provided in this small box sold for € 9.99 and this set is the best option to get Zane if you don't want to spend the € 84.99 requested by LEGO for the set. 71765 Ultra Combo Ninja Mech or the 39.99 € necessary to afford the extension 71764 Ninja Training Center. Like his acolytes, Zane is dressed in a pretty new kimono with a sober design that I find really very successful. The character's head and hair are elements already seen in many other sets. We will also remember that the wicked cobra is equipped with the new version with a more modern look of the Stud Shooter Manuel.

In short, this affordable little box will make a nice economical gift and it will be within the pocket money of the youngest fans. From a more global point of view, this first wave 2022 of products in the LEGO Ninjago range probably does not reinvent the concept but it puts products with a very "generic" atmosphere within the reach of those who land in this universe. and who do not want or cannot break the bank in the secondary market. A temple, a few dragons, several mechs, a car, everything is there to fully enter this range while waiting for products based on the future seasons of the animated series.

71761 lego ninjago zane power up mech evo 7

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 5th January 2022 next at 23pm.

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71767 lego ninjago ninja dojo temple 1

Today we quickly tour the contents of the LEGO Ninjago set 71767 Ninja Dojo Temple, a box of 1394 pieces including 8 minifigs which will be available at the public price of 99.99 € from January 1, 2022. Regulars of the Ninjago range will have recognized the construction offered here, it is a slightly watered down version freely inspired of the temple already seen in 2015 in the set 70751 Temple of Airjutzu (2028 pieces, 12 minifigs, 199.99 €). This new version is less ambitious than the previous one but it is also less expensive and it will be the perfect opportunity for many young fans to be offered a playset which will serve as a focal point for their dioramas and their adventures.

Here we take up the usual principle of the double scale: from the front the temple, about fifty centimeters high, displays a very acceptable level of detail which allows it to sit enthroned on a shelf without having to blush in front of other models. From the back it offers a few more or less accessible spaces in the service of the product's playability. The basement of the place, integrated into the rocky structure on which the temple rests, can be used by those with little fingers. It is also at this point of the construction that the only real functionality of the product can be found in the form of two removable pieces of rock which symbolize the storming of the temple by the two villains and their ram on wheels.

For the rest, it will take a little imagination in this temple / dojo with a training room, a rest room and several desperately empty spaces. The building itself is a bit thin, it will be an advantage to access the different areas without having to go with your fingertips but the designer did not see fit to integrate a staircase circulating between the floors. The whole thing takes a little volume, however, with the addition of the PIXAL control console which can be stored in the foundations of the temple and the practice garden of Nya connected to the main construction via a bridge based on the rail of merry-go-round.

71767 lego ninjago ninja dojo temple 12

The playset will be really complete with the addition of the content of the set 71764 Ninja Training Center that LEGO did not provide for this test and which is currently not listed on the official online store. The addition of this module sold separately to be connected to the main diorama via the holes present on the sides of the temple will reinforce the 3D effect of the construction a little by extending the playset in different directions (see scan of the page of the instruction booklet which presents the complete diorama).

Two separate builds come in this box: Villain's Rolling Ram and Kai's Fire Mech. These two elements contribute to the playability of the product which does not offer great interactivity, that's always taken. The ram will be able to drive the rock of the base of the temple and the mech equipped with its Stud Shooter will be able to come and defend the premises even if the roller machine does not pass through the opening obtained by the fall of the two removable pieces.

We find one of the eight collectable pad printed banners distributed in the sets of this wave of products for the first half of 2022 attached to the back of Kai's mech, LEGO also offers a solution to present the collection of banners by attaching them to the roof of the temple. The rendering is very interesting and will undoubtedly make many fans want to collect them all.

The set is sold as a product intended for children of at least eight years of age. It offers some rather complex assembly sequences for the youngest who may need help: the roofs and the exterior staircase are very well designed and their relatively successful finish for this type of product really gives character. to all. The dressing of the red rail to make it a gateway connecting the temple to the Nya training area is also very well thought out, the solution used here should give ideas to MOCeurs.

We do not escape a large sheet of stickers in this box but LEGO had the good idea to provide in the process a poster allowing to decode the ninjalphabet used on some of the stickers. Another interesting detail which should allow the youngest to enter their new favorite universe without having to go through the internet to learn to decipher the language concerned. As usual, all the illustrations present on or in the temple and which are not on the scan of the sticker sheet that I have posted for you below are therefore pad prints.

71767 lego ninjago ninja dojo temple 15

The endowment in minifigs is here consistent with 8 figurines including Sensei Wu and PIXAL which are exclusive to this box. As usual, the pad prints are exemplary and there is hardly the white area on PIXAL's torso and legs which is a bit dull on its blue background. As I said before, I find the "timeless" kimonos that dress young ninjas and their master to be very successful. These figurines with a not too overloaded design are the ideal starting point for a collection of visually less classic and more complex outfits.

LEGO saves some money by not delivering all the young ninjas' hair: Lloyd and Cole only come with their masks. Zane and Jay are obviously the big absent from the product, it will be necessary to spend at least 9.99 € more to afford the Zane figurine and his mech delivered in the set 71760 Jay's Thunder Dragon EVO or wait for the extension of the set to obtain the two characters.

71767 lego ninjago ninja dojo temple 19

In short, this product is a good starting point for a young fan on a budget new to the Ninjago universe and not sure where to start. A headquarters for the young troop of ninjas is an indispensable element in a collection and this one is a good compromise. The possibility of making a larger playset by adding the content of a second product is interesting, the result obtained is worthy of the best LEGO playsets. The main cast is not complete with this set sold for a hundred euros, but the essential extension of the set 71764 Ninja Training Center sold 39.99 € will solve the problem on the occasion of a birthday or a future convincing report card.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at 2th January 2022 next at 23pm.

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