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17/09/2011 - 21:59 Lego news
30052 1
This set that I had to order from a seller on Bricklink to hope to have it (and that I am waiting to receive ...) is the subject of a review on FBTB.

We will pass on the comments of the author of the review and his rating to admire the excellent photos published.
Obviously a set on this scale overlooks a few details, obviously it cannot be compared to its big brother in System version .... In short, I sometimes have trouble with certain reviews ...

The author admits all the same that this set is a correct source of tan-colored pieces (It all depends on the price paid to obtain it).

To see the many photos and read this review in English, go to this page at FBTB.
17/09/2011 - 19:34 Lego news
When we talk about customs, here are two minifigs whose result is very convincing and close to what LEGO offers in terms of finish.
I'm posting them here with reference to a Brick Heroes reader who recently asked me where to get a decent Superman minifigure. Suitable meaning that said custom minifigure must not be wrapped in printed paper and then glued.
Here are two minifigs for which decals have been carefully applied and which have been coated with acrylic to allow good conservation and resistance to handling.
Unfortunately these two creations are not really available, because they had been produced as part of the Creations for Charity 2010 operation and they have been sold since ...
So we'll have to keep looking for THE ultimate custom Superman .....

wonderwoman superman

17/09/2011 - 19:12 Lego news
custom cap
Another custom from Cape Town, this character is definitely in fashion at the moment. 
This time it's John_0515 who offers his version of Captain America. 
I find her very successful in terms of the many details of the costume and the expression of the face. 
I already like it less in terms of design: We see too much the cutting and gluing of the decals on the torso, legs and shield. 
A little more care would have resulted in an original and detailed custom almost perfect.
This is often the problem with these custom minifigs: Techniques involving cutting / pasting of printed paper are rarely illusory. A real decal with a lacquer to stabilize the whole thing usually looks much better.
Click on the image for a large view. 
17/09/2011 - 18:55 Lego news
When an AFOL inspired superhero fan decides not to wait for LEGO to deliver their minifigs, they make them himself.
Et Vanjey is definitely very inspired because it presents a whole collection of super heroes designed only on the basis of original pieces, without decals or painting ....
The result is visually very successful, even if the limits Vanjey imposed on himself involve some compromises in terms of resemblance with the customs that we know elsewhere.
Everyone will like this "root" style or not, but we have to admit that this Vanjey has a certain talent ....

vanjey superheroes

15/09/2011 - 13:26 Lego news
custom and comic con pics3

For fun and despite my poor talents as a photographer, here are some Super Heroes minifigs:

- Hulk (Custom version by Christo)
- Green Lantern (San Diego Comic Con 2011 version) 
- Batman (San Diego Comic Con 2011 version)
- Iron Man (Custom version by Christo)
- Iron man silver (Custom version by Christo)
- War Machine(Custom version by Christo)

It all cost me an arm and a leg, as you can imagine, and I console myself by telling myself that when you love you don't count .... I'll leave you, I'm now looking for Superman and Captain customs. America of good quality .....

custom and comic con pics