lego pre black friday offers minifigure maddness

Irish retailer Minifigure Maddness currently has a few offers that may be of interest to those who have collectable sachets behind on two series that are no longer sold through the official online store or on the 10 LEGO Super Mario Series 3 characters:

The batch of 2 boxes of 36 sachets from the Looney Tunes minifig series collectible (ref. LEGO 71030) is available at 267.99 € with the code HOTH118 (-12 €)

The box of 60 Harry Potter minifig series 2 sachets collectible (ref. LEGO 71028) is available for 249.99 € with the code HOTH120 (-10 €)

The batch of 3 boxes of 18 sachets of Super Mario figures (ref. LEGO 71394) is sold for 164.99 € with the code HOTH116

As a bonus: a gift worth € 15 is added to the order from € 300 of purchase.

Please note, the Looney Tunes and Harry Potter series 2 minifigs are products withdrawn by LEGO, the prices charged are therefore strongly revised upwards by the various brands which still have stock on the packaging in "really sealed" boxes of 18, 36 or 60 sachets.

However, we find much cheaper especially on Bricklink, but I have already received from Hong Kong a box of Harry Potter series 2 minifigs sold as sealed in its original box and delivered in the usual brown box which in fact only contained sorted packaging. beforehand, without even a sachet containing Fred Weasley, George Weasley or Bellatrix Lestrange ... Make sure that the seller guarantees you a product whose contents have not been modified before shipment. Difficult to really prove that the distribution has been changed and to send back to the other side of the world in the event of a dispute. In any case, do your calculations and organize yourself with those who will eventually share the contents of these boxes with you.

lego 71030 promo minifigure maddness lego 71028 promo minifigure maddness l.jpgego 71394 promo minifigure maddness
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