new lego bricklink designer program 3 round boxes products

The instructions for the five products resulting from the third wave of crowdfunding of the Bricklink Designer Program are now available for download in PDF format. If it is the assembly of these different creations that interests you more than the fact of owning the products in your collection, you can now retrieve the files that will allow you to build these five proposals. Note that there are no ""official" paper versions of these instructions, even those who have purchased these different sets must go through the download or be satisfied with the digital version integrated into the official application.

Even if you don't plan to get started right away, feel free to download and store the affected files, it's unclear how long Bricklink expects to keep them available and they're not live. on the service which usually allows you to recover the instructions for the official sets.

Instructions are available digitally in the official LEGO app. The most courageous will perhaps try to have these files printed by an online service, several brands offer this type of service, even individually, with a nice paperback booklet on arrival.

You can click directly on the links below to retrieve the PDF files concerned:

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