LEGO continues to recycle rejected creations as part of the Bricklink Designer Program by inventing the MOC Pop-up Store, a virtual store which allows you to purchase some of these constructions obviously by prioritizing the stock of the platform's parts sellers.

On the program for this test phase, 41 creations selected from among the entries which had not been selected during the first two phases of the reboot of the Bricklink Designer Program and which are therefore now available for purchase, instructions in PDF format included, with a mix of Bricklink stores and parts supplied directly by LEGO through its Pick a Brick service.

The ordering process is necessarily a little laborious, it begins with the automatic selection of Bricklink stores having the parts necessary for the assembly of the construction in question depending on your geographical location and the system then possibly combines the purchase in certain of these stores with an additional order of parts from the LEGO Shop via the Pick a Brick service.

You then have the choice of the least expensive combination or the one that requires placing fewer separate orders to bring together the entire inventory of the product. In all cases, the bill is rather steep from the start with big price fluctuations depending on your choice of stores and that's without taking into account the shipping costs invoiced by the different sellers which will be estimated before ordering and adjusted After validation. These creations are obviously delivered in bulk, without box or paper instruction booklet.

LEGO specifies that the selected creations have been checked to ensure that the entire inventory necessary for their assembly is available via Bricklink or the Pick a Brick service but specifies that these constructions have not been controlled by the designers of the brand to adapt them to LEGO quality standards as is the case for the products of the Bricklink Designer Program.

This temporary offer, which has a test value, will be available until mid-November 2023.


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