04/06/2014 - 01:01 MOCs

Mother Talzin & Rebel Commando by Omar Ovalle

Two Star Wars busts of Omar Ovalle to end the day (or start the next one) with Mother Talzin, leader of the Nightsisters clan on the left, and a Rebel Commando, Endor version on the right.

Omar is reaching the end of his concept, which is not always unanimous among fans of LEGO but which has the merit of being original and creative, with an impressive gallery of busts to discover at this address.

We like or not this particular way of reproducing faces and of declining the appearance of key characters from the Star Wars universe, the use of third-party fabrics to dress certain reproductions, etc ... but as I already have said here several times, I respect the desire to bring some fresh air into the small world of Star Wars MOCs.

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