Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO DC set 76271 Batman The Animated Series Gotham City, a large box of 4210 pieces which will be available as an Insiders preview from April 1, 2024 at the public price of €299.99.

You know since the announcement of this colorful fresco, this is a strong homage to the animated series Batman: The Animated Series ou BTAS for the most die-hard fans or Batman: The Animated Series in our regions. Broadcast for the first time in 1992, this series has widely found its audience and its 65 episodes are now available on Netflix so that all those who never had the opportunity to watch it during their youth can do so.

LEGO is therefore going with a large fresco representing Gotham City from the series with its original “Art Deco” style architecture and its dark atmosphere. The construction, almost 80 cm long and more than 40 cm high, brings together numerous nods and other references to the series, the fan service is at work here to the hilt and everyone, including me Even those who have had excellent memories of this series will in principle not be disappointed.

The assembly of the product involves in part the junction between plates on which we gradually install all the planned elements, the progression is interesting and we never really get bored unlike certain LEGO mosaics that are more boring over time. I remember the wide variety of facades and techniques used to achieve the promised result, certain ideas are reused here and there but the progression is intelligently balanced so as to never have the impression of working on an assembly line.

There is no need to wait for the final result to benefit from all the good ideas in the set, each section reserves its share of layers integrating a detail or a scene and the object gradually becomes thicker as it progresses. installation of the different structures. It is therefore advisable to savor the assembly of the product and to take your time.

It will also be more difficult to come back to an underlay later without trying to guess whether this or that section is designed to be easily removed. Upon arrival, the fresco offers a beautiful effect of perspective and depth on Gotham City, like the LEGO Ideas set 21333 Vincent Van Gogh - The Starry Night, with the possibility of coming back whenever you want to pick up a section and enjoy what it hides or covers.

Many of the winks proposed involve the installation of stickers with graphics that I find uninspired and that's a bit of a shame. I'm thinking in particular of the twenty or so gray stickers which feature different characters, it's a bit sad as it is and there was undoubtedly room to make these different stickers more visually attractive to better integrate them into the diorama. We inevitably recognize the characters concerned via their minimalist interpretation in the form of a minifig but I am a little disappointed by the very simplistic side of the aesthetic bias.

If certain stickers disappear in the depths of Gotham under removable elements, a large part of them remains visible on the surface and one wonders how these stickers will age on a product intended to sit on a piece of furniture or to be hung on the wall . We must also take into account the difficulty of maintaining and dusting such a product with a complex surface design; a brush will not be enough and it will be necessary to use an air can or a blower regularly to prevent dust from nesting in areas. very difficult to access spaces.

There are two pad-printed elements in this box, not counting the four minifigs provided: the Bat-Signal visible in the sky of Gotham and the micro-representation of Batman on a red background installed at the top of a building. This is a failure for the Bat-Signal, whose yellow color pad-printed on a black background offers a much less attractive rendering than the retouched official visuals and the design of the Tile red which features Batman is once again a little too simplistic to convince me.

For the rest, in my opinion it is flawless with a very successful fresco, a frame with very thin edges which does not cannibalize the work, the possibility of placing the construction on a piece of furniture without it tipping over at the slightest contact thanks to the integration of two retractable supports at the rear and the guarantee for the most dedicated fans to be able to spend time exploring Gotham by removing the different removable sections to discover what is going on behind each facade. I am not listing all these references for you, those who make the effort to spend €300 in this big box must retain the privilege of this discovery.

The fresco is topped with an inscription which reproduces quite well the font used for the title of the animated series, with white letters underlined by an undercoat of black which highlights the text. I am one of those who think that the fresco really benefits from the presence of this visual extension, I would even have appreciated if the designer added the mention "The Animated Series"somewhere at the top of the table and perhaps in the form of a pad-printed plate, just to have the complete reference.

I have scanned the two sticker sheets provided for you (see below), you will find there all the references and characters which will adorn the fresco during assembly.

The product is accompanied by four new minifigs perched on a ledge independent of the main construction and flanked by two gargoyles in the manner of the presentation already seen in the sets 76139 1989 Batmobile et 76161 1989 Bat Wing. It's very successful and the four characters provided are graphically rather well executed with their outfits very faithful to those seen on the screen, except perhaps for Batman who struggles a little to convince me with this simplified and busy interpretation which lacks a bit. little visual elegance when comparing it with the outfit seen in the animated series.

I would also have appreciated a larger cast but here we have to make do with Catwoman, Batman, Harley Quinn and the Joker. Once again, certain pad prints are a little less successful in real life than on the official retouched visuals, I am thinking in particular of the white areas on the Harley Quinn figurine which turn pink on the red background of the parts that make up the figurine.

The fresco is sufficient in itself and some would undoubtedly have exchanged the handful of minifigs and the support provided for a lower retail price. That's not the case for me, I've watched this series a lot and being able to get four of the main characters is a real bonus that I appreciate alongside the build which instantly puts me back in the mood. This set is obviously aimed at a specific clientele and is not aimed at the youngest Batman fans who already have many much more fun little boxes on hand.

The homage to a cult animated series for an entire generation seems to me to be very well done, it will still be necessary to accommodate the price requested by LEGO, €300, to be able to display the thing in a comic book library or in an office rather than on the living room dresser. The product obviously falls into fan service but in my opinion it is done with a certain skill and the whole thing is coated in a really very original aesthetic which ensures an obvious link with the animated series from which it is inspired.

I already have a place reserved on my shelves for this beautiful object, I will make the effort as soon as the product is launched. For once, I balance the excessive nature of the public price of this box with a good combination between the pleasure of assembly linked to the discovery of the numerous references scattered throughout the streets of Gotham and the satisfaction of obtaining a visually very successful fresco. At the end, LEGO does not always manage to combine these two recipes with each other and I think that is the case here. I had a lot of fun building Gotham City with Chloe, each working on one of the two instruction booklets provided, and I've had just as much fun admiring the end result ever since.

Note: The product shown here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at April 4th next at 23:59 p.m. Simply post a comment below the article to participate. Your participation is taken into account regardless of your opinion. Avoid “I’m participating” or “I’m trying my luck”, we suspect that this is the case.

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