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07/08/2017 - 16:37 Lego news MOCs

If you Fire Mech from the LEGO Ninjago 70615 set seems a little rigid to you, know that it did not take long for a MOCeur, in this case chubbybots, offers a solution to make it more mobile. Knees, waist, arms, everything goes and your robot-firefighter-arsonist will finally be able to take new poses on his shelf.

While you might not necessarily plan to jump into these mods, just knowing that they are possible and quite successful will probably be enough to convince a few that this set has potential.

If you don't like modifying official sets because that's the way it is and needs to stay the way LEGO imagined it to be, that's fine too. Take the opportunity to learn more with the photo gallery and video below which detail all the changes made to the set.

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