71046 lego collectible minifigures space series 33

After the official visuals which did not really allow us to appreciate each of the minifigs, here are detailed views of each of the 12 characters from the 26th series of collectible LEGO minifigs on the Space theme which will be available at the beginning of May 2024 under the reference 71046.

A customer (@RealDemin) from a brand located in Georgia was able to obtain a box of 36 sachets and took the time to list on these views of the 12 minifigs concerned with their title and the associated code in order to easily identify them via a scan of the QR code placed on the packaging:

  • Modern Astronaut (6484696)
  • Robot Human Suit for Tiny Aliens (6484687)
  • Gray Alien Tourist (6484694)
  • Retro Spacewoman (6484690)
  • M-Tron Redux (6484693)
  • Space Nurse with Pink Space Baby (6484691)
  • Alien in UFO Costume (6484692)
  • Ice Planet Redux with Space Penguin (6484686)
  • Classic Space Robot (6484688)
  • Alien Insectoid (6484689)
  • Orion with translucent parts (6484695)
  • Mutated Blacktron (6484685)

All you have to do is decide if this new series of 12 characters deserves the honors of your Ribba executives. We do not yet know the exact distribution of these boxes which could in the best case contain 3 complete series of 12 characters, but Minifigure Madness offers the set of two boxes (72 figurines in total) at 226.98 € including postage using the code HOTH212 or,  3.15 € the minifig delivered to your home by DHL Express.

71046 lego collectible minifigures space series 32

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