lego certified stores offers march 2023

If you have a LEGO Certified Store near you, know that these officially licensed LEGO stores managed by the Italian company Percassi are currently offering a series of sets grouped by theme at preferential prices until March 15th. The crossed out price displayed on the visual below corresponds to the cumulative public prices of the products concerned and the reduction is 20% to 25% depending on the packs. It's up to you to see if the discount offered compensates for the price of gas, tolls and parking.

For those wondering where the LEGO Certified Stores installed in France, you will find the complete list at this address. To put it simply, these are the shops in Cergy (95), Créteil (94), Dijon (21), Grenoble (38), Le Havre (76), Nantes (44), Rennes (35), Rosny (93 ), Strasbourg (67) and Toulouse (31).

(Thank you to everyone who relayed the info to me)

lego certified stores offers march 2023 2

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