new lego sets lego con 2022 debrief

We can always discuss the form about this second edition of LEGO CON which will have lasted a good two hours, but we must admit that the manufacturer has offered many announcements of products which had not yet been unveiled on the channels. usual frequented by all those who want to know more about the sets to come.

This year's "convention" was therefore in fact much more interesting and rhythmic than last year's, it at least managed to surprise us between two recorded or scripted segments more or less interesting for teenage or adult fans than we are. And it's already a feat when you know that the manufacturer is finding it increasingly difficult to plug the leaks of visuals or information that take place long before the official announcement of its products.

The summer will be hot, it already is, with the releases scheduled for August 1st but there is no rush: these new products are announced at a public price which takes into account the announced increase in certain references. There is therefore no risk that their price will increase by surprise in September.

These products, which are all online in the official store, are not the only ones to be launched on August 1: other LEGO Star Wars, Marvel and Super Mario references already unveiled will also be available on this date. The 23rd series of collectible characters is slated for September, the LEGO Avatar lineup for October.

August 2022:

September 2022:

October 2022:

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