21257 lego minecraft legends devourer showdown

Alongside LEGO Minecraft sets 21252 The Armory (203 pieces - 19.99 €) and 21253 The Animal Sanctuary (206 pieces - €19.99) revealed by LEGO a few weeks ago, there will be at least five other boxes in the range from January 1, 2024 including a set based on the strategy and action video game minecraft legends.

As indicated when the first two boxes of this wave were announced, it will be possible to combine the set  21255 The Nether Portal Ambush with the reference  21252 The Armory and the set 21253 The Animal Sanctuary with the reference 21254 The Turtle Beach House to obtain slightly more consistent playsets.

These new products are now listed on the official LEGO online store (direct links above). All the new 2024 products in numerous ranges are also listed with their visuals and their public prices on Pricevortex.com.

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