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lego super mario 2023 sets

The LEGO Super Mario range will continue to be renewed in 2023 with the arrival of seven new references which will complete the wide range of more than a hundred products already marketed since 2020.

Those who want to expand their playset with new biomes and new constructions will be able to have a field day with these new expansions and those who are content to collect the various buildable figurines provided for lack of anything better will get a large handful of characters in these boxes: Birdo, Green Toad (Toad Vert), Blue Toad (Toad Bleu), Ice Bro (Brother Cryo), Fire Bro (Brother Pyro), Sumo Bro (Brother Sumo), Bramball (Alfronce), Cat Goomba (Goomba Cat) , Blooper (Gaffe), Baby Blooper, Spike, Conkdor, a Cooligan, Goombas, Lava Bubbles (Lava Bubbles), Freezie (Frozen), Red Koopa Troopa, a Fliprus (Morsinet), Baby Penguin, Wendy, Blue Yoshi (Blue Yoshi), Pink Yoshi (Pink Yoshi) and Pom Pom.

Availability announced for January 1, 2023.

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