lego starwars magazine february 2024 mandalorian minifigure

The early February 2024 issue of the official LEGO Star Wars magazine is available on newsstands at the price of €6.99 and as expected it allows us to obtain a minifig of the Mandalorian Pilot, identical to that seen in the set 75348 Mandalorian Fang Fighter vs. TIE Interceptor (957 pieces - €99.99) under the heading Mandalorian Fleet Commander, additional hair and faces included.

In the pages of this issue of the magazine, we discover the figurine which will accompany the next publication announced for February 28, 2024, it is Emperor Palpatine, a minifig already seen in the LEGO Star Wars set 75352 Emperor's Throne Room Diorama (99.99 €).

Finally, note that it is possible to subscribe for a period of six months or a year to the official LEGO Star Wars magazine via the platform. The 12-month subscription (13 issues) costs € 76.50.

lego starwars magazine february 2024 palpatine minifigure

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