lego starwars magazine september 2023 stormtrooper

The September 2023 issue of the official LEGO Star Wars magazine is available on newsstands at the price of €6.99 and as expected it allows us to obtain a Stormtrooper with his blaster, equipped for the occasion with a female face.

lego starwars magazine september 2023 stormtrooper 2

In the pages of this magazine, we discover the figurine which will accompany the next publication announced for October 11, it is C-3PO who will for the occasion be assisted by a Gonk Droid. The C-3PO minifigure is the one already seen this year in the sets 75339 Death Star Trash Compactor et 75365 Yavin 4 Rebel Base.

For those who are interested, I remind you that the instructions of the different mini-models delivered with this magazine are available in PDF format on the publisher's website. Simply enter the six-digit code on the back of the bag to obtain the file, for example 912309 for the bag provided this month even if the associated PDF file confirms that there is no need for special instructions to assemble the Stormtrooper.

Finally, be aware that it is always possible to subscribe for a period of six months or a year to the official LEGO Star Wars magazine via the platform. The 12-month subscription (13 issues) costs € 76.50.

lego starwars magazine october 2023 c3po gonk droid

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