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Today we very quickly go around the content of the LEGO DREAMZzz set 71454 Mateo and Z-Blob the Robot, a box of 237 pieces available since August 1 at the public price of €20.99. This set is not the worst of what LEGO has done in the DREAMZzz range, here we assemble an interpretation of the robotic version of Z-Blob, the companion of young Mateo. For the occasion, it is a question of going to rescue Jayden who is kidnapped from his bed by a creature in the service of the King of Nightmares.

The robot, about fifteen centimeters high, pays homage rather well to the version seen on the screen even if it is metallic gray during its first appearance in the second episode of the animated series during which it faces the Grimkeeper delivered in another box in the range, the set 71455 Grimkeeper the Cage Monster (€37.99). A pack bringing together the two products would have been welcome, just to allow you to replay the scene in question straight out of the box.

The construction delivered here remains relatively flexible despite the use of curved cylinders which inevitably deprive the robot of elbows and knees and it is possible to make it take some interesting dynamic poses. Too bad for the black joints which struggle a little to blend into the white and green context of the armor but we will have to make do.

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As usual in this range, the assembly process is divided into two sections in the last pages of the instruction booklet to obtain two variations of the proposed construction. Here, the robot can choose to remain a mech in which Z-Blob is installed with a missile launcher on the shoulder and an imposing handgun or become a "real" robot equipped with a jetpack and two missile launchers on the back of the left hand, This second version is successful, the accessory which hides Z-Blob helping to reinforce the robotic aspect of the toy.

Both versions make good use of the set's inventory, with only a few unused pieces remaining each time. We stick a small handful of stickers which help to make the robot less neutral, it's aesthetically very correct. Two figurines are provided, Mateo with his magic pencil and Jayden asleep in his pajamas, so this box is an opportunity to get them at a lower cost.

This little box which will eventually allow a hesitant child to discover the LEGO DREAMZzz range before investing in more expensive products is an honest appeal product which makes the effort to present something to have a little fun without return to checkout immediately. The robot is available in two acceptable variants from the front and back for a product in this price range, it is stable on its feet and it can take some interesting poses. That's already a bargain for €21.

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