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Today we take a very quick tour of the content of the LEGO Marvel set 76232 The Hoopty, a box of 420 pieces currently for pre-order on the official online store at the public price of €94.99 with effective availability announced for October 1st.

The announcement of the set by the manufacturer last July did not unleash passions, most of those who then discovered this product derived from the film the marvels expected in theaters next November were mainly content to note the incredible price of this little box.

It is indeed difficult to criticize the product on its merits, it features a ship whose scale is necessarily reduced and proposes to obtain the main cast of the upcoming film, namely the three expected heroines.

The (or the) Hoopty seems to have a rather original look in the few shots of the trailer where we see it briefly, the children's toy offered by LEGO is a summary respecting the general appearance of the ship in a slightly more crude way but it This is already the lot of many other ships in all ranges.

No creative bias specific to this box, the usual LEGO mechanics are simply applied to the letter. The thing is also assembled and furnished in ten minutes and there is obviously nothing here to live an extraordinary experience in terms of construction.

The interior of the ship is properly furnished taking into account the space available with three locations to pile up the minifigs, a mini-laboratory which can also accommodate the three cats provided and a bed at the end of the corridor. It's basic, but we can salute the effort of not offering a simple empty shell and of offering relative playability in the absence of enemies to shoot with both Stud Shooters integrated at the front under the hull.

Access to the ship is from the front by lifting the entire upper section of the hull and its attached canopy, it's practical and little hands can easily enjoy the place. We feel that the two rear fins and the reactors have not benefited from all the creative genius of the designer, it is overall very summary at this level even if the symbolism is there.

Not a single metallic piece in sight, the official product visuals, very contrasting, almost seemed to promise the most distracted something other than the somewhat sad gray delivered here. However, we must be honest, the "lifestyle" photos of the product confirmed the real color of the product, so there is no deception on the merchandise if we go a little further than the first images present in the set sheet on the official online store.

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There are, however, a bunch of stickers to stick on this little ship, with 13 stickers in total, or one sticking phase for approximately every 30 pieces installed. These stickers are all on a transparent background with a glue which will leave some clearly visible traces and repositioning is almost impossible without leaving a mark under the sticker concerned. Some of these stickers seem almost superfluous, it will be up to you to decide whether or not to install them when assembling the set.

For €95, LEGO simply includes three minifigs in the box: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers), Photon (Monica Rambeau) and Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan). It's frankly meager if we take into account the announced price knowing that two of these figurines use neutral legs which no longer cost LEGO much. Someone at LEGO must have imagined that the film will be a hit and that fans will in any case jump on this derivative product which for the moment is the only set officially announced around the film.

These three figurines are, however, new and rather convincing: each of these three characters has already been released at least once as a figurine by LEGO but the trio benefits here from an update of the appearance and outfit of each of the heroines to stick as best as possible to the costumes of the film. The pad prints are well executed, the faces are very appropriate both in terms of color and facial expressions, and the haircuts seem well chosen to me.

Minimum service for Captain Marvel and Photon: nothing on the arms or legs. I will only buy this box anyway because Ms. Marvel is a character that I like and I am really satisfied to see that the figurine is very accomplished here with a superb outfit whose pattern runs on the torso and legs without a false note.

I forgot, LEGO includes three cats including Goose the Flerken and his two little kittens without much interest, in any case not enough to justify the public price of the product.

Everyone will agree to conclude that this box is much too expensive for what it really has to offer despite content which could have seemed rather correct with a more contained price, but even the possible addition of a character such as Nick Fury would not have changed much of this observation. In my opinion, we will therefore have to wisely wait until this box is available at a much lower price elsewhere than at LEGO, which in any case will end up happening one day, or at least take advantage of a future operation to double Insiders points before to crack.

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Arkeod - Comment posted the 11/09/2023 at 23:31
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