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Today we take a very quick tour of the content of the LEGO Marvel set 76276 Venom Mech Armor vs. Miles Morales, a small box of 134 pieces currently available at the public price of €14.99. As you can imagine, there is nothing to complain about about this small set without any great pretensions, this product is obviously aimed at a very young audience fond of various and varied mechs and minifigs.

LEGO here only completes a collection of exoskeletons which seems to please the target audience and it is therefore Venom's turn to have the honors of the concept.
We can imagine that the variation of the character in mech is almost appropriate here, we obtain a set which certainly has a very "robotic" appearance but which can also embody an oversized version of Venom if we forget that the head of the minifig which protrudes from the command post is no longer in scale with the rest.

You will have guessed it by looking at the photos which illustrate this article, the mobility of the mech is very limited, it is made up of elements which allow only few combinations and range of movement at the elbows and knees. However, it is more than enough to have a little fun, there are still some interesting fun possibilities and the children should find what they are looking for.

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No stickers in this box, the only element with a pattern is pad-printed and, as is often the case, it suffers from a slightly disappointing color difference with a white pattern which is not really white because it is printed on a black background. This technical solution remains preferable to the presence of a sticker which in all cases would have difficulty resisting repeated handling of the mech.

As for the two figurines provided, nothing new or exclusive to this little box, whether on the side of Venom or Miles Morales. The elements that make up these two figurines are available in several other sets already on the market and we can console ourselves by saying that this product is an opportunity to obtain them at a relatively reasonable price.

In short, this small, unpretentious box will easily find its audience, it is aimed at the youngest fans who are looking for a fun aspect to these products derived from universes that they like, such as for example the Spider-Man 2 video game which features a clash between Miles Morales and Venom, and the public price of the product makes it a gift to give for a birthday or a good report card.

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Jojo - Comment posted the 20/02/2024 at 22:18
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