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Today we quickly take a look at the contents of the LEGO Star Wars Starship Collection set 75376 Tantive IV, a box of 654 pieces currently available at the public price of €79.99 via the official online store as well as in the LEGO Stores and a little cheaper elsewhere.

This is the third set of the wave of products branded Starship Collection marketed this year with the references 75375 Millennium Falcon et 75377 Invisible Hand, and the Tantive IV is obviously also an emblematic ship from the Star Wars saga. It was therefore predictable to see him integrate this new series of models in the format Midi Scale from its launch, just to set the tone and attract potential collectors. LEGO has already explored the subject in all the usual formats from micro-things to classic sets including large models of the range Ultimate Collector Series, the Tantive IV is a chestnut from the LEGO Star Wars range.

It therefore remained to be verified whether this ship supports adaptation to a scale which allows less detail, no playability and which does not allow all the usual fantasies in terms of angles and finishing. I think this is the case with this version which is instantly recognizable and which retains all the significant attributes of the ship. There are necessarily some shortcuts and some approximations, but the overall line of the ship is there and this little model does not stand out compared to the other two models on the market.

As is often the case, the model suffers from the problem of difference in color between the stickers on a white background which adorn several elements and the rest of the parts in the inventory which display a rather "off-white" color. We can console ourselves by noting that the designer has integrated a few winks intended for fans with the symbolic presence of Princess Leia, R2-D2 and C-3PO in the bowels of the ship or the absence of the capsule. evacuation en route to Tatooine under the right side of the ship. It's always a good idea to spark conversations between fans.

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For the rest, we could talk for a long time about the aesthetic choices at work here but this format imposes some compromises and I think that the designer is doing quite well given the constraints. The format Midi Scale is back at LEGO and in my opinion we can conclude that it is coming back through the front door with the three pretty models on offer.

The ship is perched on a black support in the usual format, it is suitable for the exhibition model aspect, it is a little less convincing if we hope to make the Tantive IV "float" on the shelf. Here too, LEGO favors the collection side of exhibition models over the staging potential, it is a choice that I do not discuss even if the support may seem in this specific case a little too bulky for what it supports . The Tantive IV is a little flat, not very long, in my opinion it has a little difficulty existing on its big black base but this is a very personal observation.

The product allows you to obtain a new pad-printed brick celebrating the 25th anniversary of the LEGO Star Wars range, it is identical in the three boxes of this Starship Collection. We could have imagined three variants to collect rather than the same brick three times but we will have to be content with accumulating identical elements.

Even with its few aesthetic approximations, this Tantive IV with a very correct finish on all its surfaces benefits greatly from the format Midi Scale and all those who do not want the somewhat crude existing playsets will, in my opinion, find here enough to add this ship to their collection without leaving too much space and money.

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