25/04/2011 - 22:17 Lego news
9901 0000 XX 12 1 To cut short the rumor that has just made the whole web in a few hours, this image from the LEGO cache and bearing the reference 9901 is NOT the image of an upcoming set as some have suggested.
This is actually the visual used by LEGO on many versions of the Store Calendar, especially those of May 2009, July 2009, September 2009 or even October 2010.... to present an event taking place in different LEGO Stores: The LEGO YODA Master Builder Event, of which here is a picture below.

In short, another unfounded rumor based on a visual found in the cache .... Really, the community has not finished getting carried away and maintaining the buzz around the potential "leaks" at TLC .... Uh, I have probably just kept the buzz going with this post.

The circle is complete.....
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