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lego annual 2023 book ice cream thief

If you collect minifigs in costume but don't want to bother with the bricks sold with them, know that the LEGO Official Annual 2023 published by Buster Books will make it possible from September 15 to obtain a copy of the thief disguised as ice cream which is already available in the LEGO CITY set 60314 Ice Cream Truck Police Chase (29.99 €) on sale since the beginning of the year.

It is obviously not a question of paying this 64-page book at a high price just to obtain this figurine which will be delivered without its crowbar but with an ice cream cone, it will therefore be advisable to wait wisely for the book to be available. like every year for a few euros to acquire this pretty character at a lower cost. Unless you like coloring and games for children.

LEGO® Official Annual 2023 (with Ice Cream crook LEGO® minifigure)

LEGO® Official Annual 2023 (with Ice Cream crook LEGO® minifigure)

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lego 60314 ice cream thief

lego starwars ecyclopedia characters 2022

Better late than never. The publisher Huginn & Munnin, which handles the localization of LEGO works published by Dorling Kindersley (DK) via its QILINN collection, announces the arrival on the shelves of the French version of the book LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia New Edition accompanied by the exclusive minifig of Darth Maul.

The original version of the book was published in 2020 and if you have waited hoping to see a French version of this non-exhaustive dictionary of minifigs from the LEGO Star Wars range come out one day with very large photos surrounded by some information and other anecdotes on the character concerned, your patience is finally rewarded.

Darth Maul is here in his Crimson Dawn version (Scarlet Dawn), named after the criminal organization of which he is the leader. We therefore find the pendant which takes up the logo of the organization on the tattooed chest of the character.

The 224-page book is sold at the public price of 24.99 €, the English version is still available for a little less:

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LEGO Star Wars Character Encyclopedia New Edition

15/01/2022 - 16:48 Lego news Lego books New LEGO 2022

lego build your own escape room book dk 2022

The very prolific publisher Dorling Kindersley (DK for friends) announces a new book entitled Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room to be published for 2022, a book of ideas as it has been published regularly for years. The theme of this one seems rather interesting to me: it's about imagining an escape room based on LEGO constructions with three proposed themes: EgyptianQuest, Space mission et Safari Adventure.

The publisher provides 50 pieces including at least the minifigs visible on the cover and a sheet of stickers. DK promises around fifty ideas designed jointly by the house expert in LEGO constructions and an escape room designer. It will be necessary to check if the promise is kept at the publication but the pitch is promising:

Learn how to plan thrilling LEGO escape rooms. Have fun building and setting up one of three themed escape rooms. Or pick and choose from LEGO puzzles and challenges to create your own rooms from scratch!

    More than 50 build ideas for LEGO puzzles and challenges
    Three themed escape rooms to build: Egyptian Quest, Space Mission, and Safari Adventure
    50 useful LEGO pieces and sticker sheet for getting started
    Tips from an expert LEGO builder and an escape room designer
    Advice on how to plan your escape room, from making it immersive and theme inspiration to linking puzzles and giving clues

Are you up for the challenge? Plan your LEGO escape room—and see if your family and friends can puzzle their way out!

The 96-page book is already available for pre-order on Amazon:

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lego harry potter spellbinding guide to hogwarts houses

Notice to all those who collect minifigs of the LEGO Harry Potter universe, there will be at least one exclusive to a book published in 2022: it is Percy Weasley in Gryffindor uniform which will be inserted in the cover from the 80-page book titled A Spellbinding Guide to Hogwarts Houses.

Publication announced for September 13, 2022, the book is already available pre-order from amazon for just under 19 €.

Go on a spellbinding visual journey through the Hogwarts Houses!

Delve into the world of the four Hogwarts school houses - Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw - in this enchanting guide featuring recent LEGO® Harry Potter ™ sets and minifigures. Learn all about the Sorting Ceremony, when each young witch and wizard is put in the house they naturally belong to.
Find out about the four founders of Hogwarts and the personality traits associated with each house's students. From Ron Weasley to Draco Malfoy, learn which house your favorite LEGO Harry Potter minifigures are in, and discover fun facts about students, teachers, creatures, and locations. 
Explore the school's magical classrooms, cozy common rooms, and the Great Hall with its house tables. Join students for flying lessons and a game of Quidditch, and see who wins the House Cup.

lego harry potter spellbinding guide hogwarts houses cover

lego dc chartacter encyclopedia new edition exclusive minifigure val zod 2

Amazon has updated the description of the book LEGO DC Character Encyclopedia New Edition expected in May 2022 and we now know the character who will be inserted in the cover: it is a minifig of Val-Zod in Earth-2 version, as it appears for the first time in the Earth 2 comic # 19 published in 2014. We also know that a series around the character produced by Michael B. Jordan is being written for the streaming platform HBO Max.

The character is new at LEGO, the minifig is announced as exclusive to the book and the pad printing seems frankly successful. So there's no good reason not to afford this update to the DC Character Encyclopedia.

lego dc chartacter encyclopedia new edition exclusive minifigure val zod