lego batman magazine march 2023 batcycle

As announced in the pages of the previous issue released in December 2022, the March 2023 issue of the Official LEGO Batman Magazine is available on newsstands today for €6.99 and comes as expected with a "biting tire" Batcycle. with space to install a minifig not included. This magazine is also switching to laminated paper bags from this issue.

This magazine seems to resume a normal periodicity after the winter break and the next issue is announced for April 28, 2023, it will allow you to obtain a minifig of...Batman with his "Jet".

For those who are interested, I remind you that the instructions for the various mini-models delivered with the magazines published by Blue Ocean are available in PDF format. on the publisher's website. Simply enter the code on the back of the bag to obtain the file, 212325 for assembly instructions for the Batcycle delivered with this number.

lego batman magazine april 2023 batman jet

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