27/11/2011 - 17:59 Lego news Shopping

Official LEGO Store in Berlin

Well, it's not in France, but we're getting close ... LEGO will soon be opening a new official Shop in Saarbrücken in Germany a few kilometers from the French border (69 km from Metz).

Recruitment is currently underway and no specific opening date has been communicated.

If you feel like it and you have mastered the language of Goethe, you can apply for the positions of Store Manager, D 'Store Manager Assistant or Mitarbeiter im Verkauf (Sales employee).

Many of you are undoubtedly delighted with the opening of an official shop a stone's throw from our borders. But when will a LEGO shop in Paris, Lyon, Marseille or elsewhere?


27/11/2011 - 17:10 In my opinion... Lego news

Lego santa yoda

You have probably already visited the site legosantayoda.com, but you might have missed the main point of this mini-site.

In addition to the contest which will allow Americans (and only them, don't think about why) to win many prizes, you can make your contribution to the charitable effort  Toys for tots by sending e-cards to family, friends, or people you don't know but would like to spam by doing a good deed.

So, since it's Sunday and you are surfing aimlessly on the global web, take a few minutes to send several virtual cards and help bring some happiness to underprivileged kids. For each card sent, LEGO agrees to give a toy back. The gauge doesn't go up very quickly, it's up to you to make it go even higher.


26/11/2011 - 14:18 Lego news

War Machine

I finally decided to try to take photos a little better than usual. It is not easy when, like me, you discover the subtleties of this art.
So here we are with my 8 year old son in search of an ideal spot and some minifigs to take pictures, in this case all my War Machine minifigs, and Iron Man in different colors.
Meanwhile, my son opens and assembles the mini set 30141 LEGO Alien Conquest Jetpack and comes up with a cool idea: "How about we put the part that holds the Jetpack, the blaster and the binoculars on War Machine?"

And here is the result in picture. Well, I'm going back, I still have to work on my photography skills.

Note that the minifig are Christo customs with impeccable finish.

Iron Man

25/11/2011 - 14:38 Lego news Shopping

The Little Brick

The other store specializing in LEGO has just added some references to its catalog. On the menu, Darth Vader LED torch of 20 cm with luminous saber, the Darth Vader LED keychain 7 cm or the Blu-ray The Padawan Threat. Also adding many MISB Collector's sets, including Batman 2006/2008, with prices however quite high due to their rarity, and custom minifigs based on quality accessories (Arealight, Brick Warriors, etc.) very practical for those who do not want to order online in Taiwan or Great Britain.
Note that this shop offers like its competitors a loyalty program in the form of points (2 euros = 1 loyalty point and 1 point = 0,05 euro reduction) i.e. a significant 2.5% discount when you pay attention to your budget. Delivery is free from 29 euros of purchase (in mainland France).

For all intents and purposes, I'm not getting any money from this online store, and the guys who run this store are professional and cool enough that I'm talking about it here ....


24/11/2011 - 01:16 In my opinion... Lego news

The Cult of LEGO

I just received and leafed through this book everyone is talking about: The Cult of LEGO four-handed written by John Baitchal and Joe Meno, publisher of BrickJournal magazine.

It will have cost me 29 € at Amazon to acquire this work from which I expected perhaps a little more than what it has to offer ...

The set of 290 pages is well bound, with a beautiful black cover, lined with a yellow overcover of the most beautiful effect. The inner flyleaves are adorned with the designs of the patent filed by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen on October 24, 1961

The content is quite uneven. The photos are often ugly, taken by the MOCeurs themselves with the means at hand, and the texts are more or less interesting depending on whether one is an informed AFOL or a dancing LEGO enthusiast.

Many subjects are discussed with among others the history of the LEGO company, AFOLs, minifigs, LEGO-based comics, different construction scales or even LEGO-based video games.

The text in English can be read and you don't have to be perfectly bilingual to understand. The layout is modern, and the photos just needed better quality for this book to be an essential Christmas present. 

I remain on my hunger as for the form. Basically, nothing to say, the essential is taken seriously.

It's up to you to see if you want to add this book to your LEGO library. It is currently for sale at Amazon for 29.75 €.

The Cult of LEGO