19/11/2011 - 16:45 Lego news

promo shop

The promo lasts until midnight tonight, and for 75 € of purchases on the lego shop, you will get the set as a gift 3300002 LEGO® 2011 Christmas Set worth € 9.90. The Exclusive Christmas Set is automatically added to your cart as soon as your order reaches € 75. this offer is only valid today and online.


18/11/2011 - 23:58 Lego news

Lego santa yoda

The first images of the start of Operation Santa Yoda which takes place in San Francisco and I was telling you about yesterday are starting to hit the Internet. 

We discover the basic model serving as a reference for the construction of the giant version of 3.60m high. We can see the legs under construction on the left of the photo.

You can also see the instructions for the assembly of the superbricks (4x the size of a classic 2x4 brick) which are used to assemble the giant maxifig.

LEGO Santa Yoda - Superbrick instructions

18/11/2011 - 19:53 Lego news


If you are VIP at LEGO (Which I remind you is not a privilege reserved for the nobility, you just have to register), you have every interest in being in front of your screen tomorrow November 19 to take advantage, I quote: "... exclusive VIP offers, one day only ..."

The visual announcing the promotion is sufficiently explicit and allows us to guess that for any order of a minimum amount not communicated at this time, you will be offered a set Limited Edition LEGO Christmas as was the case in October in the USA.

The offer in the USA actually consists of two sets which together form a Christmas scene:

3300020 2011 Holiday Set 1 of 2 

3300002 2011 Holiday Set 2 of 2

The VIP newsletter and the visual currently displayed on the official website only concern the set 3300002 and no mention is made of the set 3300020.

LEGO Christmas Offer

18/11/2011 - 15:31 In my opinion... Lego news

Minifigure Speech Bubbles

By dint of wanting to flood the market with derivative products, LEGO sometimes makes a few missteps. We will be indulgent with towels, salt shakers, piggy banks, umbrellas and other products stamped with LEGO. We will be less so with this totally useless gadget and so badly designed that it is better to laugh about it: Minifigure Speech Bubbles, in other words, dialogue bubbles for minifigs. On the menu are plastic bubbles to put on the neck of the minifigure on which you can paste a predefined text or write yourself a line for the character concerned. 

This product is still sold for nearly $ 10 in the USA, especially at Toys R Us.... The pack contains a minifigure, 24 plastic bubbles of different colors, 12 pre-printed messages, 24 white stickers to personalize yourself and a marker ....

Technically, the product borders on the ridiculous with a completely silly attachment system and a final look that immediately makes one think of a minifigure committing suicide by hanging. I therefore solemnly award the finest derivative product for 2011 to this accessory. Hoping that by the end of the year it won't be dethroned by another gadget that came out of the minds of marketing specialists at LEGO ...


18/11/2011 - 15:05 Lego news

Unlockable Orange Sports Car - LEGO Star Wars III

LEGO video games are usually loaded with unlockable bonuses and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars is no exception to the rule. There are a large number of bonuses to unlock including various and varied vehicles. Very often, you will have to go around the entire level, collect all the minikits, and perform a few other specific rituals to unlock these vehicles.

Steven Marshall, designer of certain elements that I was telling you about in this article, designed this "Orange Car Sports"to unlock in the game as a bonus and present it on his flickr gallery. The least we can say is that this concept car is successful, and that we would like to be able to reproduce it ... the different views offered on flickr will allow the most courageous to understand the techniques used in the design of this model and possibly to embark on a reproduction ...