40586 lego icons moving truck gwp 2023 5

Today we take a quick tour of the LEGO ICONS set 40586 Moving Truck, a small box of 301 pieces currently offered from €180 of purchase without restriction of range on the official online store and in LEGO Stores.

The calculation is quickly made for those who have waited to buy a copy of the LEGO ICONS Modular Buildings Collection set 10312 Jazz Club sold at the public price of 229.99 €: they will automatically obtain this small promotional product loosely matched with the Modular 2023. Others will have to find enough to reach the minimum amount required to take advantage of the offer.

In the box, enough to assemble a moving truck with a vintage look and some furniture that will take place in the vehicle. Two minifigs are provided, a woman in work clothes and a guy who seems to be the owner of the furniture.

Assembling the contents of this box only takes a few minutes, but the product obtained has some good surprises in store: the trunk of the truck is equipped with a retractable ramp and a removable roof and all the additional elements of the product can be loaded respecting the storage order detailed in the instruction booklet. A moving truck that allows you to take everything in one go, that's pretty cool.

40586 lego icons moving truck gwp 2023 6

40586 lego icons moving truck gwp 2023 4

For the rest, the cabin of the vehicle seems a little narrow to me even if it highlights the huge rear trunk, there are a handful of stickers to stick on, two of which are flanked by the logo of the sign on a white background which are not like usually not fitting with the color of their support and the two minifigs provided are content with rather common elements and neutral legs. The blue of the woman's torso is still not matched with the color of the legs, LEGO is certainly in continuity on this subject.

We will console ourselves by assembling some pretty furniture designed in the manner of those usually present in the different Modulars from the LEGO range and these different objects can then be used to fill out a few empty spaces in one building or another.

In short, this promotional set is rather interesting but the minimum amount required to get it offered is in the high bracket. It's up to you to see if this little truck and its accessories are worth the effort of paying for a few sets at their public price or if you have to skip it and perhaps turn to the secondary market later. .

The offer that allows you to get this little box is in principle valid until March 3, if there is still stock by then.

40586 lego icons moving truck gwp 2023 1

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5007289 lego brick scooper set 1

It's a revolution! The world has been waiting impatiently for this product and it is finally available: the LEGO reference 5007289 Brick Scooper Set is on sale on the official online store for the modest sum of 17.99 € and it allows according to the official description to win "up to 40% less time compared to storing by hand".

In the box, two storage shovels and a brick separator, nothing more, but there is therefore in principle enough to pick up bricks without getting tired and optimizing the time devoted to this tedious task. The larger of the two, the blue one, measures 19 cm long by 13 cm wide. The smallest, the red one, measures 12.5 cm long by 9 cm wide.

In use, we cannot really say that it is convincing: the lip which should in principle pass under the bricks that we are trying to pick up is too thick and not beveled enough. It is therefore necessary to constantly "help" the bricks to fit into the space provided by pushing them by hand. The only significant gain in productivity is linked to the possibility of picking up more bricks at the same time than by taking them by hand and watching the smaller ones fall which will then have to be picked up.

5007289 lego brick scooper set 5

5007289 lego brick scooper set 8

It also lacks an important element directly related to the principle of the product but the visual on the packaging does not lie about it: something to gently push the bricks towards the container, like a small brush. Even if it means innovating in such a disruptive way, I would also have added a handle to the bottom of the shovels to be able to hold them properly.

But the experienced designers behind it will no doubt have imagined that it would then be impossible to use these two shovels as lockers for storing pens and mail. The secondary use of the product following the disappointment linked to its manifest ineffectiveness was planned from the start, it is well seen.

It is clearly indicated on the packaging, it is not a product manufactured directly by LEGO, it is the company Room Copenhagen which is responsible for producing these shovels under official license and everything is made in China. note that the name of the product on the box indicates that three "pieces" are present in the packaging, there are actually only two shovels and the separator counts as an element in its own right of the product. The public price pill of this box, 18 €, will therefore probably go a little better this way.

In short, it is in my opinion a product whose usefulness is frankly questionable, but the presence of the LEGO brand logo on the packaging will be enough to make it an original gift when it comes to pleasing a fan. unconditional who considers that because it's LEGO, it's necessarily the most beautiful thing he's seen in his life. Otherwise, with 18 € on hand, there is still enough to buy a real set which will undoubtedly also be very pleasant.

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75350 lego starwars clone commander cody helmet 10

We continue today with a quick overview of the contents of the LEGO Star Wars set 75350 Clone Commander Cody Helmet, a box of 766 pieces which will be available from March 1, 2023 at the retail price of €69.99 and which is already available for pre-order on the official online store.

As for the helmet of the set 75349 Captain Rex Helmet which will be marketed at the same time as this one, the LEGO-style interpretation of the accessory worn by this second character was eagerly awaited by fans of the animated series The Clone Wars. Cody, or CC-224, is a much-loved Clone Officer, so his arrival on the shelves of those who have grown or aged with the show's seven seasons is welcome news.

As with Rex's helmet, fans will immediately recognize the owner of this helmet where others may see it as just another Clone Trooper. The small pad-printed presentation plate may therefore seem superfluous to some, but it will be useful to others. I haven't changed my mind on this specific point since the launch of this range of derivative products in 2020: I think that the huge logo of the LEGO Star Wars range present on these plates is a bit superfluous or at least too prominent.

The aesthetic approximations are once again numerous and even if the general look of the product leaves no doubt on the subject treated, it will be necessary to accommodate these adjustments imposed by the format of this range of derived products.

It is also especially at the level of the lower edge of the helmet that things get a little tricky with stacks of parts that struggle to embody the curves and angles of the object. The top of the product is more faithful even if we find the inevitable dome based on stairs and visible tenons that we can choose to consider as the signature of this range or as an aesthetic shortcut that lacks finish.

The assembly process offers some interesting techniques that allow to obtain the final result and we do not get bored except perhaps for the first few steps which give the impression of building the heart of a large figure in Brickheadz format .

We even take a little pleasure in then building sub-assemblies which seem completely irrelevant at the time and which then find their place on the construction, there is something very satisfying in seeing the black zone being gradually framed by the structure of the helmet over the pages.

75350 lego starwars clone commander cody helmet 7

75350 lego starwars clone commander cody helmet 11

The only moving part of the product is the side antenna attached to a Ball joint, pity that this area remains gray. We can also wonder if it would not have been wise to fill the hollow of the cheeks with darker pieces to reinforce the relief effect on these areas as is the case at the back of the helmet, it will be it may be possible to obtain an acceptable result by adjusting the lighting of the exhibition site.

Once again, this derivative product is not a top-of-the-range model which would be intended to allow a perfect replica of the helmet to be displayed, it is just a very stylized interpretation which tries to remain in the format imposed by the exercise while remaining easily identifiable. The goal is therefore achieved, Cody finally has the tribute he deserves in a range of exhibition products undoubtedly considered by LEGO as "accessible" and "affordable".

There are only 9 decals on this model, 8 less than Rex's helmet, and these decals blend in a bit better with the landscape than the ones used on the reproduction of the other Clone Officer's helmet. The background of these stickers does not match the color of the parts on which they are placed, but the surfaces here are less exposed and more reduced and we quickly forget this defect.

The two helmets exhibited together form a nice combination of derivative products which should satisfy fans, but the bill will still be steep: you will have to pay 70 € per helmet, this is the new price set by LEGO for these models of a twenty centimeters high which offer only a very short assembly experience and which are only intended to end their career on a shelf. With a little patience, it will obviously be possible to get them for much less from the usual retailers, so it's up to everyone to see if the desire takes over the potential savings.

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75349 lego starwars captain rex helmet 1

Today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO Star Wars set 75349 Captain Rex Helmet, a box of 854 pieces which will be available from March 1, 2023 at the retail price of €69.99. We have already spoken a lot here about these reproductions by LEGO of helmets from the Star Wars universe, some are more successful than others and all suffer more or less from the limitations of the format imposed by the exercise.

That of Rex uses the usual recipe with an interior made up of an assortment of colored parts, a black base flanked by an identification plate identical to those already offered in the rest of the range and a more or less convincing finish depending on the areas concerned.

As for other references, this product of about twenty centimeters high, moreover sold in a box too big which can give hope of something more voluminous, is designed to be observed from a certain distance in order not to not focus too much on the gaps that remain visible between certain sub-assemblies.

However, we cannot blame the designer for having been lazy on this file, he did his best to try to reproduce all the curves and other angles of the reference helmet using ingenious sub-assemblies even if the result final will not please everyone. The assembly remains very pleasant and entertaining even if the whole thing only takes less than an hour.

75349 lego starwars captain rex helmet 7

75349 lego starwars captain rex helmet 12

The interior of the helmet is hollow, LEGO uses a few window frames in passing so as not to inflate the inventory too much and preserve its margin. There would be a thousand ways to fill the helmet, the use of a larger number of parts would, in my opinion, have made it possible to weight the object a little more and to reinforce the feeling of having in the hands a higher quality product. range.

This product does not escape the usual problems that LEGO must no longer seek to solve too much: the 17 stickers to stick on the helmet are printed on a white background which is not really in line with the off-white color of the parts, unlike this that the official visuals of the product suggest, which are often heavily retouched to reduce this contrast. 17 off-color stickers for a display product presented as high-end via its sexy-looking packaging is a lot but no one really seems to be complaining about it.

LEGO frankly "revisits" the aesthetics of the helmet by removing a column of "kills" on the dome and reducing the number of black stripes on the sides. We find the welding marks between the Phase I visor and the lower part of the Phase II version of the helmet, but the stickers concerned struggle to blend into the overall design of the product. them Jaig Eyes are more discreet, they are composed of pieces on the outside and a sticker in the center.

75349 lego starwars captain rex helmet 13

On arrival, the LEGO version of the accessory lacks in my opinion a little finesse to really match the slender look of the reference helmet. We obviously immediately recognize the product but the identification plate will not be too much here to allow someone who has not been an assiduous spectator of the animated series The Clone Wars not to confuse the object with a vulgar Stormtrooper helmet from which it logically takes up certain techniques. the range finder is rather successful and well integrated, the stem on which it rests can be oriented as you see fit.

In short, it is once again a very reworked interpretation of the reference accessory and we cannot really consider this product as a pure faithful and accomplished model. From the launch of this collection in 2020, many fans hoped that Rex and Cody would one day end up on their shelves, they are now served but it will now be necessary to pay 70 euros per helmet, and still without the slightest minifig to accompany the thing and do take the pill. The fact remains that the object will look great on the corner of a shelf, Rex well deserved this tribute.

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21338 lego ideas a frame cabin 21

Today we take a quick tour of the content of the LEGO Ideas set 21338 A-Frame Cabin, a box of 2082 pieces which will be available at the retail price of €179.99 as a VIP preview from February 1, 2023.

This new product from the LEGO Ideas range, freely inspired by the creation A-Frame Cabin submitted by Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74), is at first sight rather respectful of the work of the fan designer, but as often with LEGO everything is played on the details and the manufacturer does not deprive himself of some shortcuts and other savings.

Before going into detail, it must be admitted that the assembly experience of this product is quite interesting. It comes close to what the best offer Modulars with an intelligent alternation between the most repetitive sequences and those which allow you to vary the pleasures a little by focusing on the interior fittings.

The result is a modular product with different removable structural elements that allow easy access to interior spaces. the 2000 pieces are there, the construction using many small elements including a slew of Tiles which dresses the walls and the roof of the chalet.

The theme of the wooden cabin lost in the middle of the forest is therefore generally respected, but LEGO gets rid of the original context which featured a somewhat dilapidated construction populated by trappers and flanked by deer antlers above the entrance door. entrance to make it a second family residence with a "cleaner" appearance. Too bad for the atmosphere "RMC Découverte" which goes a little by the wayside, the official version of the product loses in my opinion a little of its cachet.

21338 lego ideas a frame cabin 22

21338 lego ideas a frame cabin 12 1

You don't have to be a keen observer to see that LEGO has also reduced the density of the surrounding vegetation. The bushy pines, and probably a little too fragile, of the initial project give way here to trunks with sparser foliage. It's a bit of a shame, we go from a slightly more austere forest context to a Disney atmosphere with its birds, butterflies and leaves in shimmering colors. This aesthetic choice will undoubtedly appeal to many fans, you have to know how to please the majority of potential customers. A family space, the cabin is equipped with everything you need to spend a long weekend there without depriving yourself of the amenities available in any modern home.

The various fittings are convincing and largely of the level of what one finds in a Modular and it is the rustic nature of the premises that limits the level of detail of certain equipment here, particularly in the kitchen. The shower installed at the back of the hut is nicely executed with its showerhead, tap, soap and towel. We can possibly see in the white door a roll of toilet paper, the presence of the shovel hanging right next to it also goes in this direction...

The hut being in the shape of an A, the floor logically offers a very limited space which simply allows you to pile up a bed and some furniture. the designer has not spared a staircase that allows you to navigate between the levels, it is appreciable.

The two roof sections are well designed, they are thick and sufficiently reinforced not to deform. It is possible to remove them and reinstall them easily, they are not fixed to the framework of the premises, but there remains an implausible ridge with a channel that would have deserved to be covered with a gutter. LEGO has logically chosen to play only on the alternation of the different lengths of Tiles and their positioning more or less set back from the treated surface to create a texture with a wood effect, impossible on an official product to leave a few pieces half sunken to reinforce the dilapidated effect. As a result, it's very smooth and a little too clean not to evoke a well-maintained Center Parcs chalet. No shutters on the roof windows and these are fixed.

21338 lego ideas a frame cabin 13 1

21338 lego ideas a frame cabin 23

The two islands of vegetation to be built can be attached to the main building or grouped together to obtain an independent display element. Why not, the possibilities that arise from this choice are interesting, I am thinking in particular of those who want to integrate the chalet into a diorama without necessarily wanting to encumber themselves with the trees provided or of those who would like to have fun reaching this small island by canoe .

The most observant will have noticed, there are only two rows of hammers left at the base of the chalet, the creator of the reference project had installed three. The railing of the exterior staircase disappears, the brick chimney is replaced here by a simple black pipe and the front door is now embodied by the most commonly used basic element. This is also the case for the windows on the ground floor, I would have rather seen sets of four small openings rather than the usual large elements. There really isn't a bad choice, but in my opinion it's all of these aesthetic decisions that significantly change the mood of the product. We'll do with it.

In the radius of easter eggs, these more or less subtle references scattered throughout the construction, we note the nod to the nationality of the fan designer at the heart of the foundations of the chalet, the presence of a micro-version of the tree from the LEGO Ideas set 21318 Treehouse in the upstairs bedroom, the use of the colors of the fictional Octan brand at the back of the house or the painting on the first floor inspired by the Blue Cottage, another project imagined by Andrea Lattanzio (Norton74). The typewriter reference from the LEGO Ideas set 21327 Typewriter is a little more subtle: the object installed on a desk on the ground floor is black and it is therefore the color of the table top that makes the link with the color Sand green of the €250 version.

21338 lego ideas a frame cabin 17

There are also no stickers in this box, all the patterned elements are stamped such as the doormat stamped with the LEGO logo, a Tile 2x4 originally delivered in the LEGO ICONS set 10290 Pickup Truck, the blacksmith's sign from the LEGO Ideas set 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, the treasure map of the LEGO CITY set 60355 Water Police Detective Missions, the vinyls from the LEGO ICONS set 10312 Jazz Club or both front pages.

LEGO also takes the opportunity to reuse the canoe seen in the LEGO set 10292 FRIENDS Apartments, it's in the theme. As for the animals provided, the squirrel is the one already seen in several boxes since last year, the only otter provided is also delivered this year in two copies in the LEGO CITY set 60394 ATV and Otter Habitat, birds are very common, and oversized butterflies are from the set 80110 Lunar New Year (2023) Display. No net to catch these butterflies in this box, it's a shame, we had to go through with the idea.

The four minifigs provided let you imagine a family on a weekend at Center Parcs, nothing crazy, but the endowment is sufficient to bring a little life to this diorama and possibly vary the staging. The pad prints are correctly executed, I do not note any particular defect on these different figurines with common heads and two of which inaugurate torsos that we will obviously see elsewhere later in the year.

A subtle detail: on the official visuals of the product, LEGO encourages fans to swap haircuts between the different minifigs, it's up to you who will pay the black raspberry on the head, that's also the inclusiveness.

To conclude, I think that this product is a relatively convincing conversion of the original idea which it more or less respects the spirit of, even if LEGO changes the atmosphere of the initial project a little. This Modular forester is interesting to assemble, it is correctly laid out, its various interior spaces remain easily accessible and even if we lose a little of the dilapidated side of the chalet, the exercise seems successful to me. In any case, the potential customers of this product are more likely to have spent a relaxing weekend in a themed lodge than a few months hunting otters in Alaska.

This toy is sold for 179.99 €, we can't even conclude that it's a little expensive or too expensive or much too expensive, we all know here that the brand's products are sold at public prices that are difficult for everyone to access. fans and you regularly have to choose between one set or another to stay within the fixed or imposed budget. I would have appreciated the presence of a luminous brick which probably easily fit into the budget, but it's not me who decides.

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