lego pre black friday offers minifigure maddness

Irish retailer Minifigure Maddness currently has a few offers that may be of interest to those who have collectable sachets behind on two series that are no longer sold through the official online store or on the 10 LEGO Super Mario Series 3 characters:

The batch of 2 boxes of 36 sachets from the Looney Tunes minifig series collectible (ref. LEGO 71030) is available at 267.99 € with the code HOTH118 (-12 €)

The box of 60 Harry Potter minifig series 2 sachets collectible (ref. LEGO 71028) is available for 249.99 € with the code HOTH120 (-10 €)

The batch of 3 boxes of 18 sachets of Super Mario figures (ref. LEGO 71394) is sold for 164.99 € with the code HOTH116

As a bonus: a gift worth € 15 is added to the order from € 300 of purchase.

Please note, the Looney Tunes and Harry Potter series 2 minifigs are products withdrawn by LEGO, the prices charged are therefore strongly revised upwards by the various brands which still have stock on the packaging in "really sealed" boxes of 18, 36 or 60 sachets.

However, we find much cheaper especially on Bricklink, but I have already received from Hong Kong a box of Harry Potter series 2 minifigs sold as sealed in its original box and delivered in the usual brown box which in fact only contained sorted packaging. beforehand, without even a sachet containing Fred Weasley, George Weasley or Bellatrix Lestrange ... Make sure that the seller guarantees you a product whose contents have not been modified before shipment. Difficult to really prove that the distribution has been changed and to send back to the other side of the world in the event of a dispute. In any case, do your calculations and organize yourself with those who will eventually share the contents of these boxes with you.

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lego super mario 71402 character packs series 4

On the sidelines of the three boxes inspired by the video game Luigi's Mansion announced a few days ago and scheduled for January 2022, LEGO unveils four other new references from the LEGO Super Mario range that will also be available from the beginning of next year:

For those who ignore the many playsets in this range but who, for lack of minifigs to get their teeth into in this range, bring together the characters to build in bags, know that this collection of characters will expand from January 2022 ten new references sold € 3.99 each with Mechakoopa, Paracoccinelly (Para-Biddybud), Butitine (Stingby), Voyou (Bully), Congélo (Freezie), Fourmili (Ant Trooper), Goomin (Goombrat), Crapognon (Coin Coffer) ), Raplapa (Scaredy Rat) and a Little Penguin (Baby Penguin).

These four boxes are not yet listed on the official online store, so we will have to wait a little longer to have an official confirmation of the public prices indicated above.

lego super mario luigis mansion 2022

LEGO today unveils three new references that will join from January 1, 2022 the LEGO Super Mario range. These three boxes are inspired by the video game Luigi's Mansion, so there are some emblematic places of the game. These are extensions delivered without the interactive Luigi figurine, so you will have to combine them with the set 71387 Adventures with Luigi which makes it possible to obtain the essential character for the gaming experience.

Judging by the official visuals for these three products which are now listed on the official online store, the world of video games is pretty well interpreted. The game mechanics will undoubtedly not be revolutionized for all that, it is above all an aesthetic dressing and as usual it will be necessary to be content with jumping from a platform to a barcode to collect the most parts possible. These three boxes will allow at least to obtain some additional characters: King Boo, Polterpup, Bogmire, Toad and Boo.

new lego super mario luigi mansion sets 2022

17/09/2021 - 00:08 Lego news Lego super mario

5007060 lego super mario ultimate bundle

LEGO has just added three bundles grouping sets from the LEGO Super Mario range on its official online store and it is a priori a good idea which should logically allow fans to get a few sets of boxes at a preferential rate.

But I had to pull out the calculator only to find that these bundles are just retailing to the penny, with no discounts whatsoever. There isn't even a small polybag offered with each of these set packs, yet it was the least that had to be done to justify the creation of these high-priced packs.

I put below the detail of each of these packs with the prices of the boxes concerned, it's up to you:



Update : LEGO has clarified its offer with a bonus of VIP points offered for the purchase of each pack of sets, i.e. 4650 points for the pack 5007062 The Ultimate Bundle, 1987 points for the pack 5007061 The Creative Bundle and 1800 points for the pack 5007060 The Team-Up Bundle.

5007062 lego super mario team up bundle
5007061 lego super mario creative bundle

71395 lego super mario 64 block 40

As promised, today we are quickly interested in the content of the LEGO set 71395 Super Mario 64? Block, a box of 2064 pieces which will be available at the official store at the public price of € 169.99 from October 1st.

This product aims to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the launch of the Super Mario 64 video game marketed in 1996 and then playable on Nintendo 64. Those who have walked the different levels of this video game that has become cult for a whole generation and who still remember of its content will have quickly noticed that the set makes a significant difference: the Surprise Block ( Block?) to be built here was not present in the game, we had to wait for games like Super Mario Galaxy or New Super Mario Bros to see it appear in this form and in this color.

This is not a mistake on the part of the designers who also assume this large gap in the pages of the instruction booklet. It was necessary to pay tribute to the game launched in 1996 but it was also about wrapping everything in an object immediately recognizable by fans of all ages and this version of the Block? is arguably the most iconic and the most popular.

The rest of the set refers directly to the game Super Mario 64 with five levels rather well interpreted if we take into account the chosen scale. The four "visible" levels are Peach's Castle (game intro), Bob-omb Battlefield (level 1), Cool, Cool Mountain (level 4) and Lethal Lava Trouble (level 7). The fifth level, Bowser in the Dark World, is hidden behind a "secret" hatch. This is the level in which Mario faces off against Bowser on a rotating platform.

The internal structure of the 18 cm cube is quickly assembled, it is satisfied with a few amounts made up of various and varied parts with large elements that save the designer a few bricks. The interior remains empty, it must later accommodate the block of levels which comes to be stored in the available space.

We also install the front door, the return of which is provided by two red rubber bands, and I'm still a little skeptical about the presence of these rubber bands in a high-end product. It is really time for LEGO to innovate a little on this point and replace these consumables with springs or jacks a little more consistent. The surprise of the hidden level does not last long in the assembly process, the flapper with its notched wheels, rotating platform and the Bowser figure are very quickly present in the instruction booklet.

71395 lego super mario 64 block 32

71395 lego super mario 64 block 5

The assembly of the different levels will undoubtedly bring back some memories to all those who have played Super Mario 64 for a long time, others will simply see reproductions of levels as there are in many other games of the license. Many of the elements of these different levels are minimalist but the atmosphere is there and the theme of each space is immediately recognizable: King Bob-omb, a Chain Chomp and some cannons in the Battle of Bob-Omb, the penguins, the snowman headless snow and the slippery slopes of Gla-Gla Mountain, the puzzle, the volcano, the Bullies and Mr I in Fatal Laves and the castle of Princess Peach with its paintings seen in the intro of the game.

No stickers in this box, all decorative elements, even the smallest, are pad printed. We also add a sticker to scan using the Mario or Luigi figurine from the sets 71360 Adventures with Mario et 71387 Adventures with Luigi to take advantage of the relative interactivity offered by the set. In fact, it is simply a matter of walking the figurine on the different levels to provoke some reactions and collect around ten Power Stars: pass over the bridge Bob-omb Battlefield, make jumps, face Bowser, etc ...

The level block also uses two rubber bands that automatically deploy Peach's castle as soon as the two side flaps are removed. Here too, I would have liked to see two springs or in any case a more credible solution than these white rubber bands. The block is then installed on the cube, it is connected via two Ball Seals side which will allow it to perform the rotation necessary for its deployment and storage.

From the first use of the product, a fairly loud squeaking was heard when the level block was rotated. I checked several times that I was not mistaken during the assembly but I finally had to face the facts: this squeak came from the Ball Seals. A few sprays of WD40 later on the two ball joints, everything was back to normal and the friction between the ball joints and their seats had disappeared.

71395 lego super mario 64 block 34

71395 lego super mario 64 block 39

The mechanism works perfectly and every time. Just press the back of the top platen to start the block spinning and it's five minutes fun. Storing the levels in the bowels of the cube is also very easy and the block disappears leaving only a yellow surface. Tilea on the upper area of ​​the object.

Access to level Bowser in the Dark World is done via a hatch hidden in the back face of the cube, just lift it and press on the Bowser figurine to trigger the hatch opening and access the level. Too bad for the black support, a little pad printing would have been appreciable to reinforce the impression of dealing with a real bonus level and not with a somewhat anecdotal functionality.

You already know, we should not rely too much on LEGO to offer us real minifigs of Mario, Luigi, Peach and all the other creatures that inhabit the different levels of the game. As in the other playsets in the range, we must so here assemble the different characters. Mario and Peach are uninteresting nanofigurines that are all the same in keeping with the format of the different levels. Bowser is a bit more plush, but still less convincing than a cast figure. I specify it for all useful purposes, the interactive figurine of Mario present in the photos is not provided in this box.

Personally, I would have gladly contented myself with a simple Bloc? to build without all the additional elements provided here, to put on a shelf and sold for 30 or 40 €. However, we must remain honest and we can not blame the manufacturer for wanting to offer a product that uses the possibilities offered by the LEGO concept by integrating a very convincing mechanical functionality.

Nostalgia for the Super Mario 64 game, considered by many to be the best of the license, will obviously be a trigger that will motivate many fans of the Mario universe to buy this LEGO product. This cube with indisputable decorative potential is therefore aimed at a much larger audience than that of LEGO fans, I have no doubt that it finds its audience very quickly.

Those who would like to acquire the thing only to display the cube in a corner of their office or their room will probably think twice before spending the 170 € requested by LEGO. There are many reproductions of the Bloc? without features but very well made and for much less elsewhere.

Note: The set presented here, provided by LEGO, is as usual involved. Deadline fixed at September 30, 2021 next at 23pm. 

Update : The winner was drawn and was notified by email, his nickname is indicated below. Without a response from him to my request for contact details within 5 days, a new winner will be drawn.

Guillaume Quignon - Comment posted the 17/09/2021 at 18:24