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23/04/2015 - 16:26 LEGO Star Wars MOCs

c 3po in main 600

Regulars of the blog may remember the astromech R2-D2 droid at scale Midi Scale that Daniel aka had proposed to us DanSto early 2013 (see this article). This version of R2-D2 has since inspired many MOCeurs including Omar Ovalle who had made a version of it "Maya the abeille".

Two years later, the little droid is finally joined by his lifelong companion on the same scale: C-3PO. The circle is complete, the droid couple is reformed and you can even reproduce these two creations at home thanks to the instructions provided (free) by DanSto.

Note that this version of C-3PO composed of a little more than 500 pieces and which measures 28 cm high has been the subject of some concessions: The Technic discs present on the joints of the knees and on the torso have been dressed stickers because they do not exist in yellow. The presence of certain pieces in Tan is explained for the same reason.

This version of C-3PO is not frozen, even if we will obviously enjoy making him take his characteristic posture seen in the films of the saga: shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, neck, torso, thighbones, everything is articulated. .

To download the instructions in PDF format as well as the inventory files to import on Bricklink of these two droids, it is at this address that it happens.

The visuals of the stickers allowing to dress the discs present on the chest and on the knees are even included!

If you have any questions for Daniel, especially concerning the use and cutting of the pipes of different colors present in this MOC, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments, I am sure he will be happy to answer you .

Below is an assembly of different views of the droid (Click on the image for a large version).

c 3po into round

06/02/2015 - 14:54 MOCs

galactus maxi fig

There are those who complain that LEGO does not market everything found in the various video games based on DC Comics and Marvel licenses and there are those who take matters into their own hands to make their favorite characters themselves. .

And this LEGO clock-based Galactus custom is a great example of creativity.

You will find at this address many photos of the design of this maxi-fig from the disassembly of the LEGO Monster Fighters clock that served as the starting point to the final result through the painting and installation phases of the decals that dress this giant figurine.

If you have any questions, the creator answers on Reddit.

11/11/2014 - 13:29 MOCs

Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Pod Bike by Alexis

There are some who waste no time: Alexis offers a simple but faithful LEGO version of the Pod Bike Ridden By Kira (Daisy Ridley) Extrapolated From One Of The Concept Art Of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (That's what we have to call Episode VII now ...) which "leaked" a few weeks ago.

I took the liberty of making the above montage for you to stage the thing.

12/08/2014 - 10:41 MOCs

Milano Spaceship by SPARKART!

24 hours from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie theatrical release, here is a micro version of the Milano, the spaceship of Peter Quill alias Star-Lord, proposed by SPARKART !.

James Gunn, the director of the film, would also have named this vessel in reference to the actress Alyssa Milano (Madame est served, Melrose Place, Charmed) of whom he was a fan in his youth.

In the French version of the film, this vessel becomes the Milan and the reference therefore goes by the wayside ...

SPARKART! promises to make the instructions for reproducing this very successful micro version of the Milano available soon. If you are interested, it's on his flickr gallery that it happens.

08/08/2014 - 21:19 MOCs

Custom Star Wars Microfighters by turbokiwi

Seen on flickr, these Microfighters imagined by turbokiwi and presented above in the company of four official models of this range which currently totals six (excluding exclusives sold only at various conventions) and which we still do not know if it will continue to grow in the years to come.

If you have five minutes, take the time to take a look at turbokiwi's flickr gallery, each model (these are rendered in LEGO Digital Designer) is presented in close-up and there is even a Microfighter version of the Outrider ...

In another register, if you have not yet seen the machine below, go for a jump on Chucknorris86's imgur gallery which offers several Star Wars ships in The LEGO Movie sauce. I just present to you Uni-Kitty's X-Wing below and I leave you the surprise to discover the other improbable crosses between the two universes ...

(Thanks to Guyliane for her email)

The LEGO Movie / Star Wars mash-up by Chucknorris86