23/03/2014 - 20:55 MOCs

Micro Bat-Wing by Padawan Waax

I persist and I sign: I love Micro-tips! And Padawan Waax offers us two that are really successful.
The Bat-Wing above is aesthetically perfect, it deserves an official polybag without question.

The two vehicles below are also very inventive and this micro format suits them perfectly.

More creations to discover in Padawan Waax's flickr gallery et on his blog.

For those who are wondering: The two microfigs below are from the official LEGO board game 50003 Batman, which was part of the defunct range Lego games.

Micro Batmobile & Joker Ice-Cream Truck by Padawan Waax

19/03/2014 - 16:22 MOCs

Bounty Hunters Weapons by Omar Ovalle

A little nod to Omar Ovalle and his new series of creations which features a virtual range of toys in blister packs comprising the weapons used by the Bounty Hunters of the saga. I have always considered that his reproductions of the various fires of the Star Wars universe were sufficient in themselves and deserved a highlight.

It's now done, with a blister pack inspired by the work ofENGELHA5T who produced a whole very interesting series of visuals based on Star Wars Rebels (These are not official Hasbro visuals, I'll point out for all intents and purposes ...) and which Omar has adapted to his sauce.

LEGO has always reduced the weapons of the Star Wars universe to simple generic blasters, it was time to pay homage to the impressive arsenal of the saga. Omar's series is still in its infancy, and you can follow its progress on his flickr gallery.

24/02/2014 - 11:36 MOCs

Star Wars Rebels: The Ghost

Seen on flickr, this (micro) MOC proposed by SPARKART! of the new spaceship The Ghost, at the center of the animated Star Wars Rebels series, which will act as the interim before the Millennium Falcon returns to screens and toy store shelves in 2015. If the Ghost ever comes out in version key ring, it will probably look like this ...

I am now waiting for the one who will offer us a Ghost in Midi Scale, a format that I particularly like which seems perfect for this type of vessel: The Millennium Falcon from set 7778 (356 pieces) released in 2009 is a real success and we already talked here of LEGO's two forays into the world of Midi Scale with sets 7778 and 8099 (Imperial Star Destroyer of 423 pieces released in 2010). Since then, nothing. These sets may not have met with the expected success, probably due to the lack of minifigs in the box.

The SPARKART flickr gallery (full of beautiful things)! is located at this address.

03/02/2014 - 20:08 Lego news MOCs

X-Men: X-Mansion

These two Cuusoo projects created by DarthKy and that some of you already know, in my opinion deserve to reach the 10.000 supporters so that, better still, the message gets to LEGO: Most superhero fans would gladly appreciate a or two "Super Sets"on their favorite theme ... Fans of the range Structure will probably not be against ...

These two emblematic buildings in their respective worlds are perfectly balanced: Sufficiently detailed and modular to be exposed and endowed with excellent playability thanks to the numerous landscaped spaces. A dollhouse for super hero fans ...

Project Assault on Wayne Manor uploaded in November 2013 capped at 4500 supporters, the project X Mansion posted on February 1 is starting to gather some support. Reaching 10.000 supporters doesn't guarantee projects like these will see the light of day and end up on the shelves of toy stores, but clicking to support the process costs nothing and takes seconds. Up to you...

Assault on Wayne Manor

25/01/2014 - 12:24 LEGO Star Wars MOCs

IT-O Interrogation Droid & Jawa by Omar Ovalle

A bit of Star Wars, so as not to be overwhelmed by the wave The LEGO Movie, with two creations by Omar Ovalle: On the left, a IT-O Query Droid seen in Episode IV during Leia's interrogation by Darth Vader ("... And now, your highness, we will discuss the location of your hidden Rebel Base ...") and on the right a Jawa, junkyard on Tatooine also seen in Episode IV (which will be broadcast on M6 next Tuesday).

Since we're talking about Jawa, I remind you that the 75059 box containing a Sandcrawler should soon join the LEGO Star Wars range in 2014. The advertised public price is $ 299.99 (So let's bet on a price of € 299.99 with us ...) and at this price, I hope for something plush, very detailed and well supplied in various and varied minifigs ...

The two creations above are available on Omar's flickr gallery

IT-O Query Droid