20/05/2014 - 13:42 LEGO Ideas MOCs

helicarrier lego ideasThis is the creation everyone is talking about today. The LEGO ideas project put online by Yo-Sub Joo alias ysomt combines the superlatives: His Helicarrier consists of over 22.000 bricks and is over 2.0 meters long and 1.15 m wide. And this creation is making its buzz while promoting the LEGO Ideas concept in passing, even if it is more than obvious that this project has absolutely no chance of passing the possible review phase to which it could be invited. if it reaches the 10.000 necessary supports.

Even if LEGO decided to release a Helicarrier, and admitting that it is in UCS format, it is unrealistic to believe that a set containing more than 22.000 bricks could end up on store shelves. And even in the event of a "retouching" of the original design of the machine by a team of LEGO designers, the definitive version necessarily watered down to the extreme would be all the more disappointing ... One can legitimately wonder why this type of project is accepted on the LEGO Ideas platform, if not to do a little promotion for the concept at low cost.

There remains a magnificent creation that can be discovered from every angle on the page dedicated to this project who takes advantage of his sudden notoriety to garner a lot of support.

Please note, this is a 3D rendering under POVray of the proposed MOC, the images visible on the project page are not photos of a "hard" MOC.

24/04/2014 - 15:22 MOCs

The BatWing (The LEGO Movie) by Brickmasta

Because you can't spend your life waiting for sets that will never come out, you sometimes have to know how to fend for yourself and take the lead: That's what Stefan Edlinger did aka Brickmasta by perfectly reproducing the Batwing seen in The LEGO Movie.

It is by discovering the trailer for the film, which presents some shots featuring the machine, that this MOCeur decided that he was going to build his Batwing, before gathering the few instructions available in the video game from the film. which allowed him to progress a little and finally to implement his own solutions to solve some connection problems and make everything more solid. In the end, the machine consists of around 1400/1600 parts and the result is almost 100% faithful to the model seen in the film.

Fans of Batman and / or The LEGO Movie will agree with me: This Batwing is a real success and I would have loved to see it released as an official set instead of one of the countless boxes in the range inspired by the film ...

If you like this MOC, you can find some more views of this Batwing on Brickmasta's flickr gallery.

09/04/2014 - 16:44 MOCs

C-3PO unfinished by Omar Ovalle

A small passage through Omar Ovalle's flickr gallery with this bust of C-3PO a little "undressed". As usual, it's stylized without necessarily being over-detailed, with a nice set of colorful cables intertwined to stick to the model that served as a source of inspiration.

I like it, it's instantly recognizable, at least by fans of the saga and the most famous protocol droid in film history. For others, type "C-3PO unfinished"in Google, you will find many visuals explaining this MOC.

09/04/2014 - 11:08 MOCs

X-Men Anole vs. Sentinel (by Xenomurphy)

The release of the highly anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past is only a matter of weeks away (theatrical release in France on May 21, 2014) and it is therefore the opportunity to present here the latest creation of Thorsten Bonsch alias Xenomurphy, perfectionist MOCeur whom I have already told you about several times on the blog.

So we find Anole, a young mutant seen in the New x-men and Young x-men who contemplates a piece of Sentinel, robot hunter of mutants, who has just lost his head and in the process damaged the apartment of a guy who had surely not asked for anything ...

As usual with Xenomurphy, it's perfect down to the smallest detail and I highly recommend that you check out the other photos of this creation on his flickr gallery.

Take the opportunity to take a look at another recent creation which features Scarlet-Spider and Vulture clashing on the roof of the Daily Bugle.

Sorry for the title ...

04/04/2014 - 00:48 LEGO Star Wars MOCs

Technic MOC Rebel Snowspeeder by Drakmin

Depressed by the calculation of my estimated LEGO budget for 2014 largely weighed down by the Sandcrawler, I decided to take my mind off my head by going for a walk on the side of drakmin's flickr gallery, a talented MOCeur whom I had already told you about two years ago on our blog.

All this to tell you that the update of its Snowspeeder is worth a look for its exemplary finish and because it proves to us in the process that we can do something other than backhoe loaders and dump trucks with parts from the Technic range. On this model, the airbrakes, the rear flaps and the harpoon gun are mobile via two levers located in the cockpit.

If you feel like it, take the time to surrender on his flickr gallery, other (superb) photos of this MOC are available there and you will also discover a visual of his X-Wing Technic project still being finalized.

This Snowspeeder is also the subject ofa Cuusoo project, which objectively has little chance of ever reaching 10.000 supporters and even less of ending up on the shelves of the LEGO Shop, but if you are active on the Cuusoo platform, you can always show your appreciation for drakmin's work by a vote.