At Micromania: A free polybag for the purchase of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga video game

If you are planning to buy the simple version of the video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on PS4, XBOX ONE or Nintendo Switch, know that the brand Micromania currently offers the LEGO Star Wars polybag 30386 Poe Dameron's X-wing Fighter for any pre-order.

This bag of 72 pieces which allows to assemble a micro-X-wing is a novelty 2020 on sale for a few euros for example at PicwicToys or even at Jouéclub and the offer proposed by Micromania is therefore not exceptional. That being said, a free polybag is still better than nothing for those who won't want to spend their money on a limited edition of the game, with DLCs included, a collector's steelbook or the exclusive Luke Skywalker minifig announced for the Deluxe version.


LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Today, we are learning a little more about the content of the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga video game with the posting of the trailer released during Gamescom 2020. It is not really gameplay, but it is sequences from the game.

Those who have known previous LEGO Star Wars video games should appreciate the significant evolution of the visual quality of this new installment which will take you through the nine episodes of the saga. The minifigs are more detailed and textured than ever before, and the environments are truly detailed, though not always brick-based. I've put aside LEGO video games a bit in recent years, but this one might just reconcile me with the concept.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

On the availability side, it is now confirmed at the end of the video below, the game will not be available until spring 2021, without further clarification. Amazon has not yet changed the date of December 31, 2020 displayed on the sheets of the different versions of the game, but these sheets should be updated quickly. We also learn, as we could imagine, that the game will be released in PS5 and Xbox Series X versions.

We also know that a Deluxe Edition is scheduled for early next year. It will include the Character Collection Bundle Pack which brings together six DLCs based in particular on The MandalorianRogue One: A Star Wars StorySolo: A Star Wars Story or even Star Wars: The Bad Batch and it will allow us to obtain a polybag with an exclusive minifig: Luke Skywalker with Blue Milk (LEGO Ref. 30625).

Below is the list of the different versions currently available for pre-order from Amazon: the classic PS4, XBOX ONE and Nintendo Switch versions plus two PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions with Amazon exclusive Steelbook.


LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Notice to lovers of collector products, Amazon offers a special edition of the video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga delivered in the very successful steelbook which was until now only available from the US Best Buy brand.

The PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions of this "Amazon-Edition"are currently in pre-order at the same price as the standard version of the game: 59.99 €. The steelbook representing Han Solo in its carbonite block should therefore logically be the only difference between the two versions, for 60 € it should not be either s 'expect included DLCs or a free polybag ...

Availability still announced for December 31, 2020.


lego starwars unlock content in new video game

You have probably noticed the presence of a small insert on the packaging of the novelties of the LEGO Star Wars range mentioning the possibility of playing with the contents of certain sets in the video game LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga and even to unlock characters or ships in the game using a code in the box.

LEGO and TT Games have worked closely together to ensure that players see on-screen the LEGO products they have just purchased and not simplified or modified adaptations of products available on store shelves and we know now that the sets below will be "playable" with digital representations of the contents of these boxes faithful to their plastic counterpart:

The four sets below will allow them to unlock additional content in the game, including non-saga ships such as the Razor Crest seen in the Disney + The Mandalorian series and the Resistance Shuttle from the Galaxy's Quest attraction installed in the Disney parks in the USA. The codes present in sets 75279 and 75291 will simply unlock a character present in each of these boxes:

It is not known whether the codes in question will be unique and different in each set, but if not, you will quickly find them everywhere on the internet and you will be able to enjoy the promised content without having to purchase the corresponding product.

Regarding the release date of the game and the platforms concerned, LEGO is content for the moment to kick in touch on the date and to indicate an availability on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

We will remember that the date of October 20, 2020 was mentioned a few weeks ago in a video posted on the official Youtube channel but that the passage of the video was quickly withdrawn.

lego starwars skywalker saga video game covers ps4 xbox switch

Today we are briefly talking about video games LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, this time with the announcement of the official release date of the game: it is set for October 20, 2020.

If until now we had to be content with the deadline indicated by Amazon which mentions an effective availability of the game for December 31, 2020, we indeed learn today thanks to the weekly summary of the news of the Star Wars license broadcast on the official Youtube channel that the game will be available in the fall.

However, no mention in the video below of the possible different editions of the game that will be offered for sale, but we will probably be entitled to a standard edition and a version Premium ou Deluxe with the Season Pass, some DLCs and a LEGO product, as was the case for the video game LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens marketed in 2016.

Update : the original video containing the release date announcement was removed from the official channel and then replaced with a redacted version stating that the game will be released "soon":

Bonus: Steelbooks, currently exclusive to the Best Buy brand in the USA and Canada, will also be available:

lego starwars skywalker saga video game steelbooks