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10/10/2011 - 09:01 Lego news

aurrasing fineclonier

He had already planned to be able to get an autograph from Jamie King, the voice actor for Aurra Sing's character in the animated series. The Clone WarsMore Fine Cloner will not have the same luck with Stephen Stanton who plays Captain Tarkin in the same series (See this article).

Fine Cloner, aka Jared Burke had carefully prepared his custom minifigure, but Jamie King will not be able to sign autographs for personal reasons. There remains an always so detailed minifigure of this character also known as Nashtah, former Jedi Padawan spent in the camp of the Bounty Hunters alongside Cad Bane. Besides his presence in the animated series The Clone Wars, we see Aurra Sing briefly in theEpisode I: The Phantom Menace during the pod race.

LEGO has already offered its version of Aurra Sing, rather successful incidentally, in the set 7930 Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship released in 2011 in which she is accompanied by Sugi, and Embo.

Fine Cloner will have had better luck with his custom Wullf Yularen minifigure, he got an autograph from Tom Kane who embodies the voice of this admiral as well as that of Yoda in the American version of the series.

yularen fineclonier


09/10/2011 - 20:16 Lego news


Not only the English can gargle to be entitled to a promotional offer allowing them to obtain some sets in poly bag free from October 8 to 15 (See this news), but they are also entitled to a larger operation: Gold 2x4 bricks have been inserted in some sets and allow the lucky ones to win many prizes: A jackpot of £ 10.000, a trip to LEGOLAND park in Florida , LEGO sets: Death Star, Tower Bridge, Imperial Shuttle, Grand Emporium and more ... and DVDs of Cars 2 ...

Who can be quite disgusted, here in France, where you have to cry at the local Toys R Us cashier to get a bag of Max ..... In short, I put below the rather well done promotional video announcing the operation and I leave you, I prepare my move to London.

09/10/2011 - 11:36 Lego news

custom kitfisto

Here is a great achievement: Vieral created a version of Kit Fisto, the Jedi Master Nautolan who makes a cameo appearance in Episode II and also seen in the animated series The Clone Wars (season 3 of which is released on Blu-ray / DVD on October 19, 2011) and in the cartoon Clone Wars (Do not confuse the two ...).

A rather successful version was offered by LEGO in two sets: 7661 Jedi Starfighter with Hyperdrive Booster Ring (2007) et 8088 ARC-170 Starfighter (2010)

Corn Vieral decided to push the concept further with this custom whose head is based on epoxy glue that can be molded and which dries at room temperature. Everything was then painted to give a really realistic result to this minifigure.  

However, we come to wonder if the creators of custom are not gradually pouring into the realization of minifigures that are no longer really in the LEGO universe. After all, the main characteristic of LEGO minifigs is that the resemblance to the character they play is treated in a relatively uncluttered, even sometimes caricature, way.  

Obviously, when it comes to characters whose head and face have nothing human and the Star Wars universe offers a large quantity of them, their interpretation in minifig requires the design of parts that are no longer strictly speaking LEGO heads.

I remain divided between my fundamentalism relating to the original minifigs and the respect of certain aesthetic constraints and my admiration for the artistic side of certain customs. However, I am not a figurinist, I do not like these hyper detailed characters which leave the world of the toy to go towards that of the exhibition and the pure collection.

I will let you make up your own mind about this achievement by visiting Vieral's flickr gallery which also features many artistically highly evolved custom minifigs. 


07/10/2011 - 14:38 Lego news

order littlebrick

I had to take the plunge. I have already ordered custom Superheroes themed minifigs (See this article on Brick Heroes), but regarding Star Wars I have always been more or less a fundamentalist of the official minifigs. Despite everything, while surfing on various sites, I came across the range of customs sold at the little brick and I bought myself 3 Bounty Hunters: one Shadow Bounty Hunter all dressed in black, a Dred Priest (Human Mandalorian who assisted Jango Fett in training the Clone Commandos on Kamino) and a Ghes Orade (A Mandalorian commando who served under Boba Fett during the Second Galactic Civil War).

I'm not particularly a fan or very knowledgeable about everything related to the Extended Universe or the different variations around Star Wars, but as LEGO is not either, customs are the only opportunity that I have. would have to complete my collection of Star Wars minifigs with secondary characters that can be interesting.

According to the merchant's description, these minifigs are made from original LEGO parts and custom ABS plastic parts. Upon receipt, I would not fail to give you an opinion on the finish of these characters and I will post you some photos.


07/10/2011 - 08:27 Lego news

tarkin custom

Fine Cloner, aka Jared Burks, doesn't make life difficult. He has the opportunity to get an autograph from Stephen Stanton, who doubles as the character of Captain tarkin in the animated series The Clone Wars in English version and he took the opportunity to release a beautiful custom minifig with the effigy of this character who surely means something to you.

Indeed, Captain tarkin, is none other than the officer of the Empire who will become 20 years later the famous Big Moff Tarkin embodied on the screen in the Original Trilogy by the very British Peter Cushing.  

Big Moff Tarkin also appears at the end of theEpisode III: Revenge of the Sith, then much younger and in the guise of Wayne Pygram.

The minifigure is successful, we guess what will become the emaciated face of the most feared officer in the Empire and Fine Cloner even cracked an embossed badge on the breastplate.

The costume is simple but true to what we know. Another great achievement from this prolific artist, who can undoubtedly compete with the official LEGO production.